03 June 2008

Will Obama live?

According to the AP, obama has taken the democratic ticket. It also stated that hillary was open to being his running mate. If obama is that stupid, then he may get what he deserves.

I think obama showed his true colors when he supported Reverend Wright. He is a white hating liberal. That is just who he is.

Now there is around 87 deaths associated with the clinton administration. I foresee that if hillary is the VP, obama will meet his demise so she can assume power. He is an idiot if he picks her.


Ricky said...

Just exactly what does Obama deserve? You racist inbred fuck. The guy is definately a piece of shit, but I don't think he deserves to be lynched. Do you guys still do that? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Some of my buddies and I have talked about this. We're convinced that Hitlery will set it up to look like Obama bin Laden was picked off by some gun-loving racist redneck.

In a grandiose emotional display, she will talk about how great Obama was, and how much good he could've done for the country had he not been tragically taken out.

She will then use this as impetus to pass sweeping anti-gun legislation, using the unconstitutional executive powers of the Patriot Act to mobilize ANG troops with local SWAT teams to forcibly disarm gun owners and perpetrate O'dark thirty "no knock" warrants on outspoken gun rights advocates and suspected holdouts.

She will think that the fear generated by this show of force will cow all the rest into submission.