11 June 2008

Sobriety, Pool and Convenience

Yesterday afternoon Ricky calls me and tells me that it is a mutual friends birthday and they were going to Fast Eddies for the evening. I take to motorcycle to Odessa and join them for a night of pool and alcohol. Only thing is, i wasn't drinking.

I have always considered myself a decent pool player but last night i was way out classed. These guys are good. You have one to two shots and then the game is over. You miss one shot and it is done. I was impressed at how well they played. Now 4 hours after they were drinking and i was not, i was doing OK. I wasn't shooting any better but they were shooting a lot worse.

If you have never gone to a bar and watch those around you when you are not drinking, i invite you to do so. It is truly funny. People come up with the stupidest shit when they are drinking. Mutual Friend turned 48 and he is single. Last night he decided the convenience of sex with an ex was better than taking matters into his own hands.

It cracked me up. Mutual Friend was drinking and shooting pool and having a great time. There was about 6 of us there. His ex, more like an off/on thing, called him to wish him a happy birthday. He agreed for her to come down to the pool hall and i could see the change in his attitude as soon as she hit the door. He went from having fun to being depressed. He told me he was tired of her shit but was going to get layed tonight. I guess that is the duality of man. I hate her, but she is better than being alone.

Last night helped me to come to grips with my reality. I would much rather be alone that be with someone who depressed me. I also ratified in my own mind that hanging out in bars is not my kind of thing. I will hang out when there is a group like last night, but it seemed to me like i had the most fun and i wasn't drinking and didn't have a hangover this morning.

Way back in the corner of the pool hall a nice guy was teaching his date how to play pool. He would stand behind her and put his hands on her hips to show her proper body position for taking the shot. He would move her boobs out of the way so she could shoot. He was a very polite feller. Mutual Friend decided to go ask him for some lessons also. Polite feller didn't think it was funny.


Ricky said...

Well, would you change your mind about going there if your friend didn't drink either? Or is it the whole idea of being around a bunch of sinning,lying, degenerates? I know of another pool hall in town that does not sell alcohol. Maybe we will try it next time. You have to admit, though. We had a great time.

Anonymous said...

The drinking, sinning, lying degenerates is not what keeps out of the bar. Hell, those are my people. I stay away from the bars because i made a promise and i am not ready to break that promise right now.

I will hang out with you guys anytime and it really doesn't matter who if anyone is drinking.

I just don't like to be around people when they reach the "Bubba" stage of drunkeness.

Besides, how can i improve my pool game if i don't practice, right?