16 June 2008

Mexican words of the day


My vieja slapped me and I said JUAREZ your problem!!


When my familia gets in the car there's not MUSHROOM left!


My wife wants me to go to the store pero CHICKEN go herself!


I went to dis bar and some vato try to hit up on my vieja. I said 'Ey vato LIVER alone CHEESE with me!!'


You told me you loved me but JULY to me!


Eh! PUTA phone down and get back to work


My stupid friend don't call no more, jus TEXAS me.


Hey Vato if you don no how to do it, let me TISSUE.


Me carnelito asked to drive me carucho and I say JEWISH.


Orale vato my vieja caught me in bed with my sancha pero that's okay cuz I told her that HARASSMENT nothing to me!'


My homie farted so bad I couldn't BRIEF.


We went to the movies and Lupe fell down and I had to pick the BISHOP!!


Me and my ruca, we order pizza. I got my piece and she got HERPES!!


My viejia gets mad and i don't even know WATER problem is!


My ruca cooks good and SODAS her sister.

Me and my jefe were playin poker and he beat me... he said INJURE face cabron!!

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