08 June 2008

My ass is dragin

Last night Rohmie the Homie, Otto the Vato and myself went out varmint hunting. Homie has access to 50,000 acres south of Odessa. We load up my jeep and all our guns and take off. We had never been on this ranch before so we wanted to get a good layout of it in daylight before we drove around at night. Seemed like a good idea right?

We park the rig and i ask Homie to get a GPS reading to determine home base. We load up and take off. This ranch is very pretty. It has a dry lake bed and several draws and arroyos that are perfect for hunting. We cut through this one draw and kicked up tons of deer. We were shining them and looking at them through the scopes. I would guess we were no more than 40 yards from some of them.

We stopped on top of one ridge and enjoyed some adult beverages as we watched the sunset and the sky turn purple. About 1 hour after sunset it was lightening about 50 miles west of us and the sky was awesome. I love being out on a night like that.

Around 2330, 4 hours into the hunt, we decide to work our way back to the truck. We have covered maybe half of the ranch. Homie checks the GPS and starts navigate our way back to base. The problem is when we left base we followed fence rows and we tried to take the oilfield roads back. It was a cluster fuck.

Oilfield roads dead end at pump jacks and we spent a good deal of time backtracking. At one point we were 3/10 of a mile from the truck when the road quit. I said "Shit, its only 3/10 of a mile. We are going cross country" That was a mistake. I told Homie to point int he direction we need to go and i started popping the brush. We got into some mesquite that was so thick we couldn't back up. It was taller than the jeep and visibility was about 2 feet if we were lucky. I found out that a Yucca plant will stop a 3000 pound jeep.

We were within 1/10 of a mile when we run into a fence. The fence road of course was on the other side of the fence. I was pissed. We just kept paralleling that fence until we found a cross cut we could cross.

In the end i got home about 0200 this morning. After i unloaded it was 0300. We had to be at church at 0600 to cook burritos so i just stayed up. My Brother Knights told me i looked like shit at 0600 this morning. After Mass i came home and crashed until 1500.

It ain't work if you are having fun.


Ricky said...

Well, it sounds like you guys had a great time, but, you did'nt specify if you had killed anything. Maybe one of these days I can join you on one of these trips. I know that you only take close friends, but maybe you can make an exception to the rule for me.

Anonymous said...

Well someone was playing golf and then going to weatherford. As a matter of fact i believe i called you.


canivalpo said...

Boys--boys...wtf??!! Number one: if you didn't kill anything worth being proud of and you didn't get home until 3am and couldn't reach your destination which was a close skip, hop, and a jump away AND you managed to get yourself pissed of... I say HAHAHAHAHA!!! So Ricky, did you really miss anything?? Maybe some good beer..well I guess a good laugh too if you would've been the designated sober one who could laugh your ass off at a bunch a grown men whining trying to get home,lol (refer to Ray's previous bar post).
Anyhow, no need to comment back with some smart defense. All I have to say is..HAHAHAHHA!!! You deserved it!