17 June 2008

Culture, Character or Race?

Somebody has to say it, it may as well be me. By now everyone knows about the flooding of the Mississippi. Iowa has taken a beating. I feel for those folks.

All this flooding surely contrast with what happened in New Orleans and Katrina. No one is shooting at the helicopters. There is no looting and crooked cops stealing everything. Why is this?

Is it because Louisiana is a welfare state and all those people in New Orleans expected money? Is it a race issue? Why are the people of the heartland looking forward to see what has to be done and not waiting for the government handout?

Obviously there is a huge Race difference and obviously there is a huge difference in how the victims are acting. Logically one could deduce that it is entirely racial. Me personally i think it is all three. The people of the heartland are definitely a better class of people than what live in New Orleans.

Well Louisiana, you want to be a welfare state, you sure look like a shit hole now. Way to go New Orleans. You democrats keep voting them in, you shit in your bed, have a good nights sleep.


Ambulance Driver said...

You make the assumption that the rest of us from Louisiana actually consider New Orleans a *part* of Louisiana.

We don't.

For a long time, as New Orleans went, so went the rest of the state. Not so any more. Post Katrina, New Orleans has no influence and tons of bad reputation.

Good riddance, sez I.

Rita devastated southwest Louisiana pretty badly, but we've long since quit whining, rebuilt and moved on.

Ray said...

I agree with you AD, pre Katrina New Orleans had all the influence. I know that Rita tore up my hometown and my parents lost their house in Ragley.

But the simple fact is that Louisiana is judged by outsiders by what happened in New Orleans during Katrina.

Every natural disaster since Katrina has proven that La has serious problems. Hell, they even voted Nagin back in. They have shown their true colors.

Anonymous said...

I live on the edge of Louisiana in Texas. If my entire perception of Louisiana was due to my experiences with the folks across the border, and everywhere else in Louisiana I've dealt with, I could only tell you that it's full of the finest folks in the World. In fact, if I used only the fine folks in New Orleans I've dealt with as examples, I'd have the same perception.

The politicians, and entitlement parasites in New Orleans are what drives the piss-poor attitude people have of the city. It's tragic that the the people that produce the least and whine the most have been picked as representative of the city. I'm thinking the good people there need to throw these mouth breathers into the Mississippi, except I don't think we could afford the environmental clean-up.