30 June 2008


After recovering from Samantha trying to kill us, Carlos and i decided to go see Ray Wylie Hubbard at the Hogg Pit. I had been talking to this girl on myspace and casually mentioned that we were going to the concert.

She decided she would meet us there. I got a little nervous. Me and Carlos got a table by the back exit in case i had to fake a heart attack or something. We worked out an exit strategy and everything. We had a code word. If the word was dropped, we eggressed separately and met at the truck and hauled ass. We were ready.

At this point i will not talk about the persons we met. I will say this though, if you are going to lie, lie about something that isn't obvious. Little things like don't say your rich and show up in a beater, don't advertise with a 10 year old picture, use a current picture, not one from 40 pounds ago. I notice the details. Here is another tidbit of information. Don't lie about your height, this can be verified in a face to face meeting. If a women is showing a Glamour Shot photo, run like hell. That means they have a great personality, which is another indicator that your not interested. Oh, here is another piece of advice, if your wing man calls her friends whores, there will not be a positive outcome.

We played a little pool, listened to some good music and generally had a good time. It was an older crowd as Ray Wylie Hubbard was playing. When the music stopped, i turned at looked at them and said " It was nice to meet y'all, have a good night" Me and Carlos hit the door and was gone.

All in all it was a fun weekend.

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