04 June 2008

My baby has come home to Papa

Back in 2002 our office was broke into. The assholes stole our computers, digital cameras, our Nintendo, all kinds of stuff and my .357 Magnum that i kept in my desk drawer. We called the police and Ector County Sheriff's office came out and couldn't lift a single finger print. We had a good idea who stole the stuff because when they took the Nintendo machine, they left the broken controller. Logically we assumed it was someone who played it.

That night i was pissed off. I called our HR guy in the middle of the night and got permission to have a polygraph done on all employees. They were standing there with me when i called the HR guy. Once they knew i was having a polygraph set up, people started confessing to shit that happened in the past. For instance, Ricky pulled me off to the side and told me that the bottle of Crown Royal that everyone assumed one of the office girls took, he actually took it. No one wanted that polygraph. In the end i decided not to do the polygraph. I had enough information to figure out who did it.

Yesterday the Sheriff's office calls me and tells me that they have recovered my pistol that was stolen in 2002. My heart sank. I thought he was going to tell me that it was used in a murder or something. It wasn't. In 2003 Odessa PD executed a search warrant on Jamie Ramirez. They found a .357 Magnum in his residence. Ramirez was a felon so they charged him with Felon in possession of a firearm. 5 years later Odessa PD put it out that they have this gun. Ector County Sheriff's calls them and tells them they have a report of that gun stolen. Sheriff's calls me and i get my gun back today. Ramirez is deceased and the guy that stole my gun is in jail.

Ain't life grand?


Ricky said...

You fucking bitch! How you gonna call a brother out like that. Straight up on the fuckn internet. Your going down. I am taking your fatass to the cleaners. You better put on your big girl panties cause BIG PAPA is gonna unleash sum psychotic trailer park gangster-type shit on your ass.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Ray. That's what the world likes to call poetic justice. I just call it God working it all out in His way. God is good.

I hope your sidearm is still in good shape.

Ray said...

Thank you Armed and Christian for an intelligent response. The side arm is in remarkable shape considering it hasn't been oiled in 6 years.

Some people finally get internet in their trailer park and like to leave snide remarks. If he wasn't a liquor stealing wart hog from hell, he wouldn't get offended.

Biggun6969 said...

Well little Earl, looks like that karma thing is already kicking. Later.