30 June 2008


1. Belief in the truth, value or trustworthiness of someone or something. 2. Loyalty or allegiance. 3 A belief and trust in God. 4 Religious conviction. 5 A system of religious beliefs.

I have a friend who doesn't "Have the Faith" as he puts it. He wants a scientific answer to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that God exist. I can not seem to convince him. He is looking for Faith but they don't serve that at the bars. He is looking in the wrong place.

He says he wasn't taught about God in school. They teach about God all the time at church. He needs to go there and maybe he will learn about God. As an adult it is up to him to seek the faith. He will not hear a big booming voice from the sky.

I think he is stuck on the semantics of faith. He hasn't decided to live the faith yet. Until he gets serious about, it will elude him. I hope it isn't too late for him.

He shares the same morals and convictions that i have. We agree on almost everything. He has a bigger heart then me. He will go without himself to give to someone else, that he likes. A small stipulation, but a stipulation none the less.

The difference is that i try to live what i preach. He doesn't preach it, he knows it though, and he doesn't live it. I believe that he feels something is missing in his life. I hope i am there when he finds it.

It starts with prayer. Ask God everyday to reveal just a little bit more to you. Talk to God. I know he believes in God, he is just hoping everyone gets to go to heaven.

Let me know when you are ready to get serious. It will be journey worth taking.


Ricky said...

Well, my friend, it is nice to know how you truly feel about this. It will be the last time you hear about it from me. Have Faith in that.

Anonymous said...

ah grasshopper, you missed the point. You and I have conversed on this many times. I want you to prove me wrong. If you can prove me wrong it will draw you closer to what you seek to find. Don't get mad, get even. I will sacrafice myself to bring you in.

You are so close, dig a little deeper, please.

Finish what you started in Midland!!!!!

Your friend, Ray