30 March 2007

My new toy

I picked this up from a friend of mine. This is the jeep the day i got it. I plan on making a few modifications and set it up for hunting. Here are the specs:

Year - 1983

Make - CJ 5

Engine - 4.2 liter

Tires - 33" ProComp Xterrain

Winch - Warn 8000 lb

I'll post more pictures as i am working on it.

A Nation of Sissys

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about how i believe Wisconsin has decided to stop all negative chatter at little league baseball games. They are also going to give every player a trophy for participating. My gosh, what has this country come to?

I remember when i was a kid and my elders would talk about " back in their day" and i used to laugh. Now i have become one of them. When i played baseball, you had winners and losers. I think it taught everyone a valuable lesson. If you never taste the sour of defeat you will never appreciate the sweetness of victory. Beside having everyone win totally sets the kids up for failure in the work place.

After our baseball games that we won, our coach would buy us a Coke and a Frito Pie. If we lost we got squat. We learned a lot from that coach. It pays to be a winner.

How can we continue on this course. We can not continue to reward kids for being fat and being bench warmers but they showed up. Someone needs to tell them that fat bench warmers are always known for saying "Would you like frys with that?" Teach them that it pays to be a winner. I promise you that they will need that more in their adult years than trophies for showing up.

I remember my Dad telling me that he wanted more for me than he had himself. That is a wonderful ting to do for your kid but, what made him a great man was not what he had, but what he didn't have and how hard he worked to get it. I consider myself lucky. I grew up like my Dad. I worked rice farms, soybean farms, horse ranches and hay farms. I learned how hard it was to earn a dollar and to save that dollar. Although my Dad wanted me to have what he didn't have, by me doing what my Dad had done made me a better person. Maybe it is not a good thing for a parent to want more for there kids. There are only so many computer and office jobs out there. Everyone wants their kids to have a great low work kind of job. We need craftsman.

A skilled craftsman will make more than an office worker. It is not shameful to be a craftsman. We need to change our focus on our kids and teach them what we know. Teach them to weld, to fix their car, to plant a garden and teach them that working with your hands is not a bad thing. Anyone who is a good craftsman will move up faster and higher than someone who has an office job. We need to be proud of our blue collar skills and pass them on. Just my opinion.

28 March 2007

Deer Lease, The saga begins

As any good ole red blooded American, our family has a deer lease. Every year in October the family men migrate to this lease for one fun filled week of Guns, Booze, paint cannons, 4-wheelers, 4X4's and myth busting. We call it hell week for any piece of equipment or toy we bring out there. If you want to stress test anything, that is the week to do it. We do have fun. It gets even funner the more beer we consume.

This one particular year, we will call it the year of the propane bomb, was especially interesting. My brother decided to make a sparkler bomb. You know how you wrap up a bunch of sparklers with tape and light it? Well he did this without us knowing about it and we he set it off, we crapped our pants. It was awesome. Click!! we had an idea. What if we made a sparkler bomb and duct taped it to a propane cylinder? Well, only one way to find out. Brother makes the bomb and tapes it up pretty good to this propane cylinder. He takes it down the hill and lights it off. It was a beautiful explosion. The propane never ignited so it was a ghostly white cloud hovering over the creek.

Then somebody, i can't remember who, said we need to do that near a fire to ignite the propane. So we gather up our chairs and sit around the campfire spit balling the best way to ignite the propane. After about a 30 pack we had a brainstorm.

Here was the plan. We would build a fire down by the creek. We would hang a propane cylinder off a branch about 1 inch above the coals of the fire. This way the flames could melt the plastic bottom and we know we would have enough fire to light the propane. Sounds great.

I am not sure how but i believe i was designated as the propane cylinder hangar. I was told to go hang the cylinder, jump on my 4-wheeler and high tail it up the hill so we could shoot the propane cylinder with a high powered rifle to see what happens.

I have to tell you that the fireball produced by that cylinder was awesome. It was a beautiful sight. Needless to say we spent a lot of money for propane cylinders that year.

Couldn't have said it better myself

26 March 2007

Am I a Redneck?

One year out on the deer lease my Dad was having trouble with the chain on his 4-wheeler. He told us that he had bought another chain if we could replace it. That should have been a red flag. For those of you who know my Dad, he is tight. He won't spend a dime unless he has to. It is rumored in our family that copper wire was invented by my Dad and my Uncle fighting over a penny.

So here we are at the lease. my Brother, Dad, Uncle and Cousins. Now since Dad actually bought a chain we knew the old one was in bad shape. The problem is we didn't have the correct tools to remove a chain. We figured we could get the new one on but the problem was getting the old one off. I couldn't even find the Master Link.

So after a few thinking enhancement beverages i walk over to the 4-wheeler and i am sitting there looking at it. My Brother walks up and says " Whatcha thinking?" so i replied " I think if i can get the barrel of my SKS through this opening i can shoot the chain off"

Well at the prospect of using a rifle to remove the chain this engages my Brother's thinking cap. My Brother and i are sitting there arguing over which rifle to use and the best placement of the barrel to ensure we will penetrate the chain. We agree that the SKS is the best choice but we couldn't agree exactly where to shoot the chain. This led to a really good debate about muzzle velocity and metallurgy of the chain. We both agreed we would need to wear a long sleeve jacket and safety glasses to be safe. We were both a bit worried about the bullet ricocheting off and hitting the engine housing.

It was at this point where my Father decided to interject his logic. He simply said " If you crack the engine housing you have to pay for it"

No he didn't tell us we had a stupid idea. He didn't try to stop us. He just wanted to make sure we knew he wasn't spending another dime on the 4-wheeler. And people wonder where i get it from.

After a few dry fires we decide where to place the gun and are ready to remove the chain. Behind us we hear our Dad and Uncle and Cousins laughing. We turn around and say "what"

They tell us you should hear your conversation from our point of view. Two rednecks in the middle of the woods arguing over the best way to shoot off a 4-wheeler chain and arguing over who will pay for the engine if you hit it.

In the end Dad decided not to have us shoot the chain. He rode the 4-wheeler with a bad chain and probably took the new one back to get a refund. That's the way he rolls.

Gilmer Hernandez follow up

The following is a speech given by Congressman Ted Poe to the Speaker of the House. Really pay attention to what i highlighted in red. I have to tell you that it really chaps my ass. They gave these people Green Cards. What the hell is the feds doing? Will our borders ever be protected with this government? Why do we have to notify Mexico that one of their citizens was hurt while breaking the law here in the US? Mexico can kiss my ass. Once again our government is trying not to hurt Mexico's feelings. I say piss on them. What has Mexico done for us? Mexico owes us hundreds of acre feet of water right now. They flood our country with illegals because they will not take care of their own. I say we stop catering to them NOW.

Madam Speaker, in west Texas, where the rattlesnake rules the hard, rugged land is Edwards County. It is a sparsely populated place because not much grows on that dusty soil. Local landmarks include Devil's Sinkhole, a massive bat cave and a place called Bullhead. This land used to be the home of the fierce Lipan Apache Indians, dating all the way back to the 1600s.
This county, near the Texas-Mexico border, is the size of Delaware. On patrol of this massive place of over 2,000 square miles are only three deputy sheriffs. One of them is Gilmer Hernandez.
Recently, Deputy Hernandez was on patrol about midnight, alone. He came across a truck that had run a red light in the small quiet town of Rocksprings, Texas. He pulled the vehicle over and approached it. He noticed numerous people lying on the floor of the truck.
One thing led to another, and the vehicle sped off. Hernandez says the driver turned around and tried to run him down, so he fired numerous times at the vehicle. He shot out the tires. So the vehicle stopped and the occupants, they fled into the darkness. All except one, who was lying down on the floor, hiding in the back, wounded by a ricochet.
Deputy Hernandez immediately called the sheriff, Donald Letsinger. He immediately showed up, along with the Texas Rangers, to do routine follow-up work.
But then the Federal Government shows up and takes over the investigation. The Mexican Government is notified that an illegal from Mexico has been wounded in the United States.
Using poor law enforcement investigation techniques, the illegals are all interviewed together, but still give conflicting stories at a later trial.
After the dust settled, the Feds filed charges on Deputy Hernandez for firing a gun at the van. After being tried by a zealous prosecutor, Hernandez was convicted in Federal court. He is in jail waiting to be sentenced. And, yes, Madam Speaker, by the same Prosecutor's Office that prosecuted Compean, and Ramos.
Everyone in his hometown of Rocksprings, Texas has sided with Deputy Hernandez. They are taking care of his family.
But once again, our Federal Government has taken the other side, the wrong side of the border war. Our government is more concerned about illegals in the van than they are about the safety of Deputy Hernandez.
And get this: Our Federal Government even gave these illegals green cards and allowed them to stay in the United States.
Madam Speaker, this ought not to be. Deputy Hernandez did everything a normal person would have done in these circumstances, including immediately reporting the event.
Why is our government so relentless and zealous in prosecuting border protectors and not protecting the border?
Why does our government work backroom deals with illegals to convict our law officers?
Why does it seem the Federal Government is so quick to cooperate with Mexico to thwart border security?
And why does it allow these illegals more consideration than it does American peace officers?
Gilmer Hernandez is 25 years of age. He is married and has a young child. He makes $21,000 a year being a lawman in rough west Texas.
It is disturbing. This trend is disturbing. Our government is saying to peace officers on the border, don't protect yourself on this border because if you do, you will not get protection from the government. And to the illegals that come in and are caught, the Federal Government is saying to them, “Fear not. We are from the Federal Government and we are here to help you.”
Looks like another case of the Federal Government continuing to swoop in and save the day for the illegals who cross into American land.
The American government needs to gets on the right side, the American side of the border war.
And that's just the way it is.

25 March 2007

Gilmer Hernandez

If you live in TX then you know this name. Gilmer Hernandez is a Deputy in Rock Springs TX.
On April 14, 2005, after stopping a vehicle with several illegal aliens hiding inside for a traffic violation, Edwards County Sheriff’s Deputy Gilmer Hernandez of Rocksprings, Texas fired shots at the tires as the driver tries to run him over in their attempt to flee the scene. One of the bullets strayed from its mark and injured one of the illegals. Texas Rangers, with the assistance of the ATF, conducted an immediate thorough investigation of the incident and later cleared the deputy of any wrongdoing which allowed him to continue his duties as a peace officer. Over a year later, after Deputy Hernandez marries and his wife is several months pregnant, the US Department of Justice reopens the case based on the conflicting testimony of the few illegals they were able find. The deputy was tried and convicted on December 1, 2006 for violation of civil rights.

What is wrong with this picture? The asshole who prosecuted this case is the same cocksore that prosecuted the two border guards. I hate to use foul language but Damn. This SUV was stopped because it ran a stop sign. When the Deputy approached the vehicle it took off and almost ran over the deputy. He fired several shots at the tire and one of the bullets deflected and hit a women, knocking out several teeth because she was hiding in the rear wheel well.

If illegal mexicans can get a conviction in TX, it makes you wonder what chances you have. I am sick and tired of catering to these people. This Deputy was doing his job. IF the illegal mexican wasn't here, then she wouldn't have been hit with shrapnel. It is her fault.

I say TURN HIM LOOSE. We need more men like him out there making our country safe.

23 March 2007

The Burden

It was still dark out when she awoke. Next to her she could hear the rhythmic breathing of her boyfriend. She looks at the clock and the green glow indicates she is awake nearly 2 hours early. She lays back down looking for sleep but it doesn't come. She tosses and turns to no avail. She is wide awake but doesn't want to wake the rest of the house. Her two kids are down the hall. She wonders what they are dreaming about. She thinks about how much she loves her children.

She made her decision. It didn't come lightly. A few years back she was chosen as a juror for a capitol murder case. She remembers sitting in the jury box listening to what the lawyers were saying. She knew she had a great responsibility and wanted to ensure she knew all the facts about the case before rendering her decision. She remembers the jurors debating the guilt and innocence of a man she had never met. A nice looking man that she would have gone out with had she met him under better circumstances. But she knew that evidence doesn't lie. She made her decision.

Of the 26 days the trial lasted, the one thing she remembers most is the look in his eyes. Not so much at being found guilty, but for receiving the death penalty. She believes she saw remorse in his eyes but she knew she saw hatred. The look he gave her still gives her chills to this day.

She hears a stirring in another room and the noise brings her mind back to her current decision. She looks again at the clock and realizes she has been day dreaming for more than an hour. She gets up and sneaks into the bathroom. She is tired of debating the topic. She decides to take a shower and get there before anyone else. She has made her decision.

As she steps out into the dark cold morning it reminds her that it is just the beginning of spring. She thinks about how soon it will be time to start her garden. She makes a mental list of what she needs. As she drives to her destination her mind wanders. She drifts in and out of conversations she had with her friends and counselors. Her mind starts to focus on one conversation in particular.

The counselor had told her that she could help. She told her that she didn't have to make this decision alone. The decision of life and death is too much burden for one person. She was told to talk to her family members and get their input. She knew this was her decision and hers alone. She was the responsible party. It was up to her. The counselor told her to look at what kind of life he would have in the future. Would he be a burden? Could she deal with him financially?

As she pulled up she saw that the only people there were the medical staff. She was relieved. She didn't want to debate anymore. The off duty police officer notices her as she drives in. She parks around in the back. She doesn't want to be bothered by anyone. She just sits there with her car in park and the engine idling. She has made her decision.

She goes into the building where she knows she will find someone who shares her same feelings. She is greeted by a nurse and asked if she wanted a bottle of water. She says that would be nice. She sits down in the waiting area and fingers through the magazines. A nurse notices her nervousness and offers her a little privacy in a room down the hall. She accepts her offer and follows the nurse down the hall.

After the nurse leaves she sits back in the little chair and closes her eyes. She thinks about her kids at home getting ready for school. She longs to be with them. She drifts off to sleep.

She is startled as the door is swung open. She blinks her eyes into focus and notices the long white smock. She realizes that a doctor has walked into the room. The doctor apologizes for scaring her and introduces himself. " I am doctor ****** and i will be performing your abortion today"

She winces at the word abortion, a tear rolls down her cheek, she has made her decision.........

Today they will murder about 20 children in Midland TX. Midland has the only Planned Parenthood abortion center for 300 miles. Please pray for these women.

22 March 2007

Castle Doctrine

I was over at Lawdogs blog the other day reading this post http://thelawdogfiles.blogspot.com/2007/03/meditations-on-honour.html

His post makes a lot of sense. Now the Castle Doctrine has passed the House and Senate and is waiting for Governor Perry to sign it. Governor Perry is expected to sign it.

The Castle Doctrine simply states that if it is proven that you used deadly force in accordance with Texas State Law you can not face criminal prosecution or civil lawsuits. This bill was definitely designed to protect law abiding citizens.

Now back to Lawdog's post, he talks about honor. If you are ever in a situation where you must use deadly force to protect yourself or your family, please have honor. Once you pull that trigger there are no take backs. A bullet to the head is permanent. If you decide you must kill someone make sure you made the right decision. Deadly force is a last resort.

I hear people talking about how if they catch someone in their house they will smoke them. I hope they are just bragging. I would hate to think that there are people hoping to shoot someone. Don't get me wrong, i am not against self defense. I am for someone making an educated decision before dropping the hammer on someone.

Criminals beware, if you get your butt capped for breaking into someone's house your family can not sue the victim for protecting himself. I am glad to see this law passed. Hopefully it will help deter crime. I doubt if it will b ut one can always hope.

19 March 2007

The difference between life and death are the same as guilt and innocence. It's a matter of timing

For example, you decide to run a stop light. If a cop is there you get a ticket. If no one is around you get away with it. It is a matter of timing.

A couple of years back our company went through a Safety Overhaul. My Boss asked me "When you go to sleep at night, do you hope your people are working safely or do you know they working safely?"

This little question has sent me on some long thoughts as to the answer. What i have really come up with is this, do i really want to know? You know what they say, ignorance is bliss.

My location has worked 7 years without an LTA (Lost Time Accident) when asked how we did it i replied " We got Lucky". Actually there was a lot of truth to that. It comes down to reporting. If a person has a minor cut or bruise or something and they are looking for a meal ticket you can bet your ass they can turn that into a LTA. If you have good solid people who want to earn a decent living they will go on about their business and suck it up.

What do you ask makes a solid person? I would say it is a direct reflection of the company they work for. If your company takes care of it's people, pays them fairly and provides a safe work environment etc.. you will probably have good solid people. Don't get me wrong. You do have to do some culling. I might go through 3 or 4 people before i find the right person to mesh with our group. I will tell you this, it is worth the culling effort to get the right person. It will pay for itself in the end.

The it will never happen to me scenario. How many times have you said this? I have said this a million times. I look at it differently now. What if it did happen to you? What would your family do? Are they prepared for it? Do you have fire drills at home? Does your kids know what to do in the event you must evacuate your home? Do you have a designated meeting area?

In the industry, risk are determined by probability and devastation. We train on a lot of different scenarios so we will know what to do in the event the one in a million accident does occur. Can you truly be safety conscious if you don't? Is it worth jeopardizing your hearing because ear plugs are uncomfortable? How many chances do you take in a single day. Chances that if it is bad timing may result in serious injury or death? Is it worth all that to risk being a few minutes late?

It comes down to you believing it will never happen to you. I have news for you. It is a matter of timing!

18 March 2007

Rosie Odonnell

You know i try to give everyone a fair shake. I go out of my way not to annoy people but i gots to say the Rosie just drives me crazy.

I have not really liked her since she had her own talk show. She invited Tom Selleck (Magnum PI) and she started with her gun control. Thankfully Tom stood up to her and put her in her place. Ever since then i have had a bad taste in my mouth for Rosie. She openly insisted that gun control was the only way to go but she secretly had her children's body guards get Concealed Handgun License. That just really set me off. I remember her saying that it was the Police's job to protect us, it was not our job. Maybe so, but the Police are reactive. When i am armed i am proactive. I will be damned if i will sit by and hope the police show up in time. In my house the police just need to show up and take away the offender. Any who, on top of gun control she is gay. I have to tell you that gay people bother me not to mention that she is an ugly bull dyke.

So now here is Rosie talking on her blog that the WTC collapse could not be caused by fire and plane crashes. She also says its convenient that so many records were lost there. No shit Rosie, do you think the terrorist wanted to hit someplace that would cripple us or the dang Hollywood sign. Use your head for a change. Not to mention Rosie was all over the View talking about how we mistreated the terrorist in Cuba for information. I have had about as much of this woman as i can stand.

I do not care what the CIA does to those prisoners in Cuba. Those prisoners do not fall under our judicial system. If they were under our judicial system then the CIA couldn't touch them. Why do you think they are held off US land? Those people are there because they are suspected or proven terrorist. I really don't care what they do to extract information that will save American lives. Those terrorist will not be happy until they convert the whole world to Muslim. That is there objective. Swear allegiance to Allah or die.

I say let the CIA do what they have to do to get their information. I am sorry if it sounds harsh but they didn't care about us when they blew up the WTC and they dang sure didn't care about collateral damages either. You know what they say, you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

14 March 2007


Last night while flipping thru the channels i read a subtitle on CNN that said Iraq is un-winnable and Americans have lost their faith in the war. Oh please. The people who lost their faith in the war probably have no idea why we went to war. It wasn't for oil or WMD. It was to fight terrorist.

If the Liberals have their way and we pull out of Iraq i guarantee we will still be fighting this war. The difference is we will be fighting in our own country. These terrorist have no other plan than to destroy capitalist America. They will bring the fighting here to us and then the dumb ass liberals will be complaining how their grade school kids can not go to school instead of complaining about their adult sons going to Iraq.

Wake up America. We are fighting an unseen enemy. The enemy will walk among us and we will not know who he is. We can not allow this war to come to our soil. If we pull out it will be just like Vietnam and they slaughtered 1 million people after we left. If we pull out the Islamist will think we have no stomach for war and they will surely bring it to us. If your dumb enough to think they will not bring the war here, think again. They already have. They have bombed the WTC twice now.

The price we have paid thus far in the form of American lives lost is sad but inevitable. People who have never picked up a weapon or stood a post will not understand this. The American Servicemen knows what it is all about. They understand that death is a part of war. It is in fact a small price to pay to keep the war off our soil.

I am not asking people to go out and rally and show support for our troops. I do ask that they keep their negative opinion to themselves. We do not need the idiots undermining the war effort.

12 March 2007

Random Thoughts, A Follow up

Ricky said how long would you allow someone to be on a ventilator before you consider them to be dead? A week? A month? A year? Who has the right to make these decisions?

Two years back my wife went to the emergency room with an infection. The surgeon looked at it and determined that she had a flesh eating bacteria. He scheduled surgery right then and took her away. After surgery i was with her and they took her to her room. I stayed until about 9:00 pm and went home. Very early the next morning the surgeon calls me at home and tells me that my wife can not breathe on her own and wanted permission to put her on a ventilator. Now a ventilator is life support. If you do not breath you will die. It is supporting your life. Of course i said to do it. It was in my mind a "no brainer".

I hauled butt up the hospital and she was in CCU with tubes and probes everywhere. Now to me this was a simple solution. Her need for the ventilator was a short term need. She had brain activity and everything else. She was simply fighting a bad infection with a positive outcome. The prognoses was very favorable for my wife.

Your probably asking why i tell you this. Have you ever heard of a living will? Suppose she had a living will that stated she didn't want to be on life support. They would have let her die even though she had a high probability of survival. You see a living will does not pin point anything. It is written using very broad and imprecise language, giving rise to the idea that all treatment options are morally equivalent.

One widely available living will called the " 5 wishes" offers questionable options and morally dubious choices to the patient by including, as but one example, the following series of check-boxes:

Permanent and Sever brain damage and not expected to recover: If my doctor and another health care professional both decide that i have permanent and sever brain damage, (for example, i can open my eyes, but i can not speak or understand) and i am not expected to get any better, and life-support treatment would only delay the moment of my death:
___ I want to have life-support treatment.
___ I do not want life-support treatment. If it has Ben started, i want it stopped.
___ I want to have life-support treatment if my doctor believes it will help.

Now in this scenario your life is in the control of a doctor. What if he is having a bad day? What if that morning his wife told him she wanted a divorce? Do you want to trust your death to someone else other than a loved one?

This is a topic we could talk about for days.

Castration, will it work?

I was talking with a friend this weekend and we started talking about sex offenders. Obviously the both of us do not like sex offenders and the conversation turned to how do we deal with them. She said we should castrate them.

Well i guess that is a women's point of view. Maybe we should deal with nagging women by sewing their lips shut. Doesn't seem to be a very effective way to solve the problem.

Here is my dilemma. I had a mutt dog named Fat Frank. Frank was an awesome little dog except for the fact that he was a Mack Daddy. He banged more bitches in my neighborhood than any other dog. I decided to fix this problem and took him to the Vet to have him castrated. Although this solved the increasing puppy population at my house it didn't stop his desire to hump anything that moved.

Now a dog's brain is not nearly as complicated as a humans brain. If we castrate these people it may or may not stop the desire to molest. If they still have the desire their sexual organ still functions and they can continue to molest children. A lot of people do not fully understand sex. This is part of the problem. For the most part people seek a sex partner for more than just the physical part of sex. The orgasm is just the release of sexual energy. Sex is really the 20-30 minutes prior to the orgasm. On this train of thought the sex offender is not looking for the release as much as they have a desire to be with the child. To castrate this person will not solve the problem. These people have a distorted sense of right and wrong and that is what has to be corrected. The problem is that i do not believe that it can be corrected.

In America we are too caught up in being politically correct. Criminals know that the punishments are not that bad. We need to fix this. Texas is trying to pass a law that a repeat offender may receive the death penalty. This doesn't solve anything. The Sate of Texas needs to relax it laws for the Father or Brother of this child who seeks revenge on the sex offender. Let the family decide how to deal with the offender. I say lock them up on the first offense and keep them locked up.

11 March 2007

Random Thoughts

As i travel a lot i have plenty of time for random thoughts. Today i was watching the Matrix Reloaded and it got me to thinking. When do you die?

I know you are not considered dead as long as you have a heartbeat, but is this real death or just our standard? Let me clarify, your brain controls all of your body's functions. What if your brain was dead but your heart was still beating? I have heard about this. If you have a heart beat but no brain activity you are on a ventilator for sure. If they pull the ventilator and you can not breath on your own you are considered brain dead. My question is how can they "pull the plug" when you still have a heart beat?

Now if i understand correctly your heart beats based on a mild electric shock your body produces to make the heart beat. If this is true then your brain must be telling your heart to beat therefore you are not brain dead and pulling the plug would be murder right?

Now we know that the brain can survive for several minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is supplied by the heart pushing blood through the lungs and throughout the body. So, let's say for some reason your heart stops beating. It could be a bullet or anything. We know that your brain is still functioning. Can your eyes see, Can your ears hear? You could actually witness your own death. If this is the case is it possible to die instantly without pain?

these are just some the random thoughts circling around in the old noodle.

09 March 2007


I have been spending a lot of time lately around a whole bunch of Lawyers. In the past i was not particularly found of lawyers. I believe that the reason why is the same with a lot of men. We had to deal with them in a divorce. I now think that some lawyers give the rest of them a bad name. Corporate type lawyers seem to be decent people but there are two types of lawyers that drive me crazy. They are Personal Injury and Divorce lawyers. I must question if they are the bottom feeders of the industry.

Back when i got into sales a friend of mine once said that a good salesman can argue either side of an argument. I took this to heart and tried to become the best salesman out there. Lawyers must do the same thing. The difference is that a good salesman is truly trying to promote his product that will make your life easier or safer. Just so you know i am talking about industrial sales, not cell phones and car salesman. A lawyer is trying to pad his own pocket therefore he fights harder and dirtier.

A personal injury lawyer is usually trying to sue some one or corporation. They will also be hired as defense lawyers. I question the person who can do this. They must a listless sort with no soul. If you pride yourself on fighting for whatever presents itself then what do you stand for? If you have no foundation then your just superficial. Is this any way to live? Sure you can get rich but at what cost?

Look at divorce lawyers. We have 2 or 3 really good divorce lawyers in our town. when i say good i mean that they will stop at nothing to drag their opponent through the mud to win their case. if their opponent retained them first, then it is your butt they are dragging through the mud. How is it possible for them to sleep at night? Apparently they really don't care about peoples feeling or their reputation. They are after there share of the rewards. Seems like a soul less person to me.

If you get hurt and it is not your fault you will probably need a lawyer to be made right again. So should we blame the lawyers for this or the companies that force us to hire them? If i was the one that got hurt i would want the dirtiest back stabbing lawyer i could find. I guess it is just a matter of perspective. But no matter what these are the types of lawyers that give the rest of them a bad name. How do they live with themselves?

08 March 2007

A Guy's Guide to Life

1. Old people always have exact change.

2. Do not trust a man who calls the bathroom "the little boys room."

3. Women who sound sexy on the radio weigh 377 pounds.

4. Sitcom characters watching porn always tilt their heads.

. In movies Italians can play Jews and Jews can play Italians, but neither can play Lutherans.

6. No talking at the urinal.

7. White cars look good only on Fantasy Island.

8. Lesbians make the best breakfast.

9. No matter how hard you practice, you cannot say the phrase, "Yeah, right" without sounding sarcastic.

10. Never trust a man with pictures of balloons on his checks.

11. Women named after a month of the year are usually frisky.

12. The sniffing of one's finger is a pleasure best indulged discreetly.

13. Inviting others to sniff one's finger: more discreetly still.

14. Stewardesses from Third World airlines are much more attractive than those of developed countries.

15. Never play cards with a man who wears a visor.

16. The dumber the man, the louder he talks.

17. Born-again Christians have the most meticulously parted hair.

18. Unless you are a Pilgrim, large shoe buckles are to be avoided.

19. A man should avoid using the phrase "assume the position" on the first date.

20. The last people who should be having kids are always the first to do so.

21. Seat belts do wrinkle your suit, but so do windshields.

22. The fatter the man the smaller the swimsuit.

23. The weirder the cell phone ring, the more annoying the person.

24. Walking into staples and shouting, "Hey, where are the staples?" isn't funny.

25. Pennies are inappropriate at strip clubs.

26. Dogs with bandanas around their necks are not pleased with the accessory.

27. Captain Crunch should be Admiral Crunch by now.

28. Women who have two or more brothers are less likely to be disgusted by you.

29. There's a special circle in Hell reserved for those who adjust their rearview mirrors while you wait for their parking space.

30. A gentleman never considers sexual activity until the dog has been sent to another room.

31. Pretending to get all confused in the elevator and pressing her nipple instead of a floor button will not get you laid.

32. No matter how furtive or quick the glance, a woman always knows when you are looking at their breasts.

33. People who begin sentences by saying "With all due respect," are in fact preparing to impart loads of disrespect.

34. Never trust a man who knows all the dance steps to "Bye, bye, bye."

35. There's no thrill like the thrill of getting cash in the mail.

36. People who live in glass houses watch 65 percent less porn.

37. The lower a waiter bends down when introducing himself, the less the should be trusted.

38. A tattoo of a teardrop is not a sign of sensitivity.

39. The best villains have accents and walk slowly.

40. The wackier a doctor's neckties, the less prestigious his medical school.

41. The allure of strip clubs drops dramatically when your girlfriend works in one.

42. Horizontal stripes on your boxers will not make your penis appear larger.

43. When you die, they will find your porn.

44. Your bumper sticker is only 3 percent as clever as you think it is.

45. Lemme is the best of the faux contractions, followed by gimme.


Motivational Poster

Motivational Poster

Why you shouldn't wear your wedding ring at work


Are you a cheater?

Women And Men Can't Agree On Cheating
NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- When it comes to cheating, men and women have very different ideas. According to a survey by "Women's Health" and "Men's Health" magazines, 45 percent of men think talking to one's ex on a regular basis is cheating but only 27 percent of women agree with that definition.

That's not all: 45 percent of men say getting a massage from a friend of the opposite sex constitutes cheating but only 35 percent of women are touchy about that.

Men might be more particular about the definition of cheating but only 32 percent of men admit they've been cheated on compared to 45 percent of women.

However, 32 percent of ladies admit they've been the ones doing the cheating while only 16 percent of men confess to being a cheat.

Finally, 50 percent of men believe cheating has ruined at least one past relationship but only 27 percent of women will make that claim.

So tell me, what is your definition of cheating?

07 March 2007

WhyI haven't been posting

As you can see i haven't been posting with any regularity. I have in fact been busy in an investigation. We had a little fire out here in West TX and since we were working around there we have to investigate what happened. I am including a link to some pretty scary photographs that were taken.


20 Interesting Facts

20 Interesting Facts
1. A zebra is white with black stripes.
2. All the planets in our solar system rotate anticlockwise, except Venus. It is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
3. Hummingbirds are the only animal that can also fly backwards.
4. Insects do not make noises with their voices. The noise of bees, mosquitoes and other buzzing insects is caused by rapidly moving their wings.
5. The cockroach is the fastest animal on 6 legs covering a meter a second.
6. The word "listen" contains the same letters as the word "silent".
7. The only 2 animals that can see behind itself without turning it's head are the rabbit and the parrot.
8. A 'jiffy' is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.
9. India invented the Number System. Zero was invented by Aryabhatta.
10. The whip makes a cracking sound because its tip moves faster than the speed of sound.
11. A hippopotamus can run faster than a man.
12. India never invaded any country in her last 10000 years of history.
13. 'Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia' is the fear of long words.
14. Didaskaleinophobia is the fear of going to school.
15. A snail can sleep for 3 years.
16. The names of the continents all end with the same letter with which they start.
17. In 1883 the explosion of the volcano Krakatau put so much dust into the earth's atmosphere that sunsets appeared green and the moon appeared blue around the world for almost two years.
18. "Almost" is the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order. 19. Twenty-Four-Karat Gold is not pure gold since there is a small amount of copper in it. Absolutely pure gold is so soft that it can be molded with the hands.
20. Electricity doesn't move through a wire but through a field around the wire.