31 July 2007

Stupid Question

The other night i was watching Dateline and they were after the guys who want to have relations with children. Now i agree that these bastards need to be taken care of, but isn't what they do entrapment?

Now don't get me wrong, what the guys are doing trying to woo these children is wrong, but what are the cops busting them for?

For example, you can not be charged with murder unless you killed someone. You can not be charged with rape unless you rape someone. These guys only talked to the kids on the Internet. What crime did they commit?

To be busted for solicitation of prostitution you have to make a deal with the undercover cop. What have these guys done wrong? Half of them talk about seeing Dateline when they get busted. It obviously isn't a deterrent.

I was just wandering what they were charged with, and how can they be charged if they haven't broken the law. If you know, please let me in it.

Yesterday was day 1

Yesterday the Contractor started working in my bathroom. We are having the old shower and linen closet taken out and building in 1 large shower. They have to move the plumbing and everything. They got the whole thing tore out yesterday, so now the hard work begins. I have some pictures i'll add in here later.

27 July 2007

You ain't gonna believe this

Yesterday i was driving back to work from lunch and this lady is in the oncoming lane and decided to turn right across my lane of traffic and she didn't make it. I hit the brakes and tried to steer into a parking lot but she waited until the last minute to make her turn. It was unavoidable.

That's not the worse news. Seems Nice Lady was released from jail that morning so she didn't have a drivers license. It was her Aunt's truck and they couldn't prove insurance. NL ended up with 3 tickets. Failure to yield right of way/ no license/ no insurance. What a Bitch. Did i mention i was driving my 2007 Silverado with 11,000 miles on it? Needless to say i was 7 kinds of mad.

23 July 2007

Something isn't right

The other day i bought a Cherry scented air freshener. It smelled wonderful. Smelled so good i had to stop and get me a bag of candy cherries. So yesterday i was shopping and bought some fresh cherries. The fresh cherries don't smell or taste anything like the candies or the air freshener. Why is that?

That got me to thinking about what else in this world i accept as fact. If anything i buy that is supposed to be cherry doesn't smell or taste like real cherries, which one is right? I will keep my eye open on this matter.

At work we must use calibrated instruments. Calipers, thermometers, torque wrenches and such. We send that equipment off periodically to be calibrated. What do they use to calibrate? Take it one step further, and what do the calibrate the calibration tools with? If you calibrate a vernier caliper, you take a known 1,2,3 block and measure it. If your device reads correctly the 1,2 and 3" block it is calibrated. What about the block? what calibrates that? Do they have a vault someplace that has the original standard in it? I know they have Master calibration tools to calibrate the calibration tools. What set the standard for the Master?

For example, a State Trooper stops me saying i am going 75 MPH according to his radar gun. I sat my speedometer said i was going 70 mph. Which one is right. How do they calibrate the radar gun? I find this fascinating and plan to look into it. If anyone has any information, please let me know.

I'm back

A successful training program has been completed. I must say i am shocked at how much i learned. A lot of it was common sense, but then they taught us the reasoning and philosophy behind what i knew was common sense. Excellent material.

We learned how to present a proper presentation. We had several of them to create. We then learned how to incorporate that into a teaching segment. The part that impressed me most was phsycological understanding and non-verbal communication.

it is amazing at what you can learn by what people do and they act. pretty impressive.

16 July 2007

Interesting Day

Today i found out that i have an Assimilative Learning Process. That means that as an instructor i will train in an Assimilative manner. An assimilative person is one who prefers to learn it in theory and then hands on. They prefer to gather all the facts up and then deduce an answer. One answer does not fill all of us. Our instructor said that most former military types are Assimilative and we prescribe to the boot to ass technique. We prefer logic over feelings. Well Duh, no surprise there.

Hopefully i can learn to instruct effectively to all 4 types of learners and become a better instructor. Only time will tell.

I must admit that i am not a Teacher. A Teacher teaches students how to learn. I am an instructor. I instruct on a prescribed content, typically a technical subject. I do not want to be a teacher. I prefer being specialized in my craft and educating an apprentice to become a craftsman.

My sister-in-law is a Teacher. It is definitely an admirable trade, but i do not have the temperament for it. I prefer dealing with adults that have bills to pay as opposed to kids who just want to graduate. My hats off to you Cheryl.

15 July 2007

Status Symbol

Today i flew into Houston Hobby Airport. I was amazed at what i went thru to fly. I remember back in the 80's, the first time i flew. It was a status symbol. It amazed a lot of people in my small hometown in Southwest Louisiana that i flew to Italy. Everyone wanted to know what it was like and if i enjoyed it. Flying used be something. The first time i flew First Class was from Corpus Christi to New Orleans. I felt like the cat's pajamas, i was Senior Big Shits.

Today when i flew i felt like i was riding the bus. The TSA treats everyone like they are the lowest form of life. Like i should be happy their overweight fat ass is there to stop Osama from killing me. Naturally, my being 6'5" tall, they have to search me. I told them today that i was honored for the TSA to think i am such a bad ass that i can overtake a 737 with a pair of tweezers and 3.4oz of liquid, but i must admit that not one plane involved in 911 was overtaken by a 6'5" redneck.

It just upsets me to think that i am paying $500 for a plane ticket and then be treated like a lowlife just to board the plane. Actually it pisses me off. I have a solution though, when you get your boarding pass, issue everyone a baseball bat. A plane with all passengers armed with ball bats could and would eliminate all rag heads from taking over the plane ever again. I think it will work.

Hell, what there doing now doesn't work. At least my idea has promise.

13 July 2007

Next Week

I will be in Houston TX next week for training. The posting will probably be light but i will try to keep up. Surely some weird stuff will happen in Houston.

Selling your organs

Have you thought about making it legal to sale human organs? I think it is the answer to the Organ Donation problem. Right now there are about 100,000 people on the transport list. It is estimated that 70,000 of those will die without getting an organ transplant. 70% is one hell of a mortality rate.

Look at it this way, your _________ dies. The doctor ask you if you want to donate any of their organs. You say no, i want to bury him with everything he was born with. The doctor says, we will give you $25,000 for his heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and eyes. You can bet your ass i am going to sell. How many organs are lost in this scenario?

The organs in my body are mine. I can do what i wish with them. If a family member needs a kidney i can freely give them one. Why can't i sell a kidney to someone willing to buy it? It is my organ, right? If a women can pay to murder a child in her body, why can't i sell a kidney or half a liver?

We need to write our congress and tell them to legalize human organ selling. It could supplement my income and buy me that new truck i want. If i can talk the wife into it, we can get a boat and camper. Something to think about.

12 July 2007

A tidbit of knowledge

It was necessary to keep a good supply of canon balls near the
>> cannon on war ships. But how to prevent them from rolling about the
>> deck was the problem.
>> The best storage method devised was to stack them as a square based
>> pyramid, with one ball on top, resting on four, resting on nine,
>> which rested on sixteen. Thus, a supply of 30 cannon balls could be
>> stacked in a small area right next to the cannon.
>> There was only one problem -- how to prevent the bottom layer from
>> sliding/rolling from under the others. The solution was a metal plate
>> with 16 round indentations, called a Monkey.
>> But if this plate was madeof iron,the iron balls would quickly rust
>> to it. The solution to the rusting problem was to make Brass Monkeys.
>> Few landlubbers realize that brass contracts much more and much
>> faster than iron when chilled. Consequently, when the temperature
>> dropped too far, the brass indentations would shrink so much that
>> the iron cannon balls would come right off the monkey.
>> Thus, it was quite literally,cold enough to freeze the balls off a
>> brass monkey. And all this time, you thought that was a vulgar
>> expression, didn't you?

09 July 2007

What type are you?

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Do'>http://www.blogthings.com/doyouhaveatypeapersonalityquiz/">Do You Have a Type A Personality?

West Texas Evenings

The evenings in West Texas are awesome. Around 8:00 PM it starts to cool off. I love 80 degrees and 13% humidity. A slight breeze blowing makes it a perfect evening. My buddy shows up and says "Lets take the jeep out and have some fun"

We load up, go pick up another a buddy and were off enjoying the West Texas evening. We are going down this dirt road and we come to a wet spot. I navigate through with no problems. We stop at this field where a Deer feeder is set up. We are watching the wildlife. We spooked a wild turkey coming down the road. There are Deer milling around the feeder waiting for it to go off. To bad their wait is in vain. The hunters haven't started feeding yet. There are tens of rabbits hopping around. It is a beautiful setting then my buddy lets off with his CZ 57 .223 and annihilates a Jack Rabbit. The game is on.

We spent 4 hours running about in the Cotton and Wheat field. All total we got about 70 rabbits. We jumped two coyotes in the brush but we couldn't keep up with them. The ground was too rough to go fast so i lost them. A coyote will haul ass when he has a .223 shooting at him.

Apparently the rabbits has just berthed a summer crop. There were hundreds of baby rabbits every where. I bet i could fit 2 of them in the palm of my hand. Those little shits are a hard target. We had some super hot rounds and when they impacted on a big jack, the pink mist was awesome.

Got home around midnight and the wife asked how it was. She is not too keen on us going out and killing rabbits for fun. I told her about the little babies and she asked how i could shoot a little baby rabbit. I said easy, you just don't lead them as far.

06 July 2007

It scares me to think about it

This morning i got up early to stop at Whataburger to pick up some Breakfast on a bun. You see i had an inventory audit and i like to feed my auditors. While waiting for my order i was watching the two guys in the back preparing the food. Then i got scared.

You see out here in the oil patch we are suffering from a labor shortage. Anyone who can show up for work and pass a drug test can start work tomorrow making $13 - $21 per hour. We can not find enough people to staff up properly. So i got to thinking, why are these two guys making hamburgers when they can be knocking down some serious jank.

The answer was obvious. They can not pass a drug screen or they really don't want to work. If they fall into either category, do i want them handling my food? i must admit that they were not the cream of the crop. They seemed to be a little pissy about being there.

Now i started looking at all the food workers and i question if i really want to continue eating out. I wish that thought had never crossed my mind. Damn.

02 July 2007

TV Trivia

In the hit Sitcom Scrubs, what is Turk's full name?


Brothers beware. There is a drop dead gorgeous bombshell out there that your wife can hire to see if you will cheat on her. I wonder if this will inspire trust in the relationship?

Should your wife or girlfriend decide to hire this young lady, she will interview with your wife to learn what turns you on and makes you tick. For example if your wife tells her you like big breasted blonde's in tight black dresses, she will approach you dressed as a big breasted blonde in a tight black dress.

This women says she is so effective that if your husband doesn't cheat with her, he is truly faithful or gay. Now this seems like a test that few men can pass to me. Remember that even in Paradise, the Garden of Eden, there was a snake present.

I have heard the guys talk about their "List". I ask them what is this list. They say it is a list of women that they would cheat on their spouse with. They also said that their wife had a list also. The list included women like Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and so forth. I was telling my wife about this and she said lets make our own list. Her list include Patrick Swayze, Robert Redford, Mathew Moconnaghy and so forth. I listed our neighbor and i got in trouble. Go figure. (just Kidding)

But seriously, is this fair? Your wife is basically putting the women of your dreams right in your face and she propositions you. This would be extremely hard for any man to say no. It would be hard for me to say no but i believe that i would. Besides it would be hard for her to be my dream girl. A midget on a tricycle who is deaf and dumb and owns a liquor store, WOW. (just kidding again) maybe not, who knows?

Any how, if your out and about and the women of your dreams show up, turn and run like hell. You may be called queer by your friends but at least you won't loose half your stuff. A public service announcement from me to you. Good luck.