29 November 2007

Just Rambling

I can remember back in my childhood when i really enjoyed going to my Grandparents house. MaMa was always there with a soft and warm hug and a kiss. She could always make everything be OK. I guess it was the special powers that Grandmothers have.

For some reason when i think of Grandmothers i get a picture in my head of nice older women who can cook anything, their house always smells like something cooking, a fireplace and just lots of hugs. They have lots of stories about what it was like growing up in the "Old Days" before air conditioning, Wal-Mart and the easy life that we generally live now.

Before TV dinners and microwave ovens when their husbands killed dinner and they cleaned and cooked it. I guess that is what i envision because that is what i have been exposed to. I like to think about those days gone by and appreciate the fact that i don't have to live like that.

So what will it be like when we are the Grandparents? We come from a life of opulence and luxury compared to what our Grandparents come from. We are a part of the "For Me" crowd. Fake breast, face lifts, lip injections and BoTox are what we will show our Grand kids.

What fond memories will our Grand kids have when they are Grandparents themselves? Their memory will be much different than mine. I wish i could be around to know.

27 November 2007

Tasered in Utah

I was watching the news last night and another Police Officer tased a fellow in Utah. According to the video tape on the Cop's car, he refused to sighn the ticket and the officer told him to step out of the vehicle. The guy walked around to the back of the car, told the cop he was wrong, stuck his hands in his pockets and started walking back to his vehicle. Homeboy got tasered.

Now i wasn't there and don't know what happened. Here is what i do know. I have been stopped for speeding many many times. I have been asked to get out of my vehicle exactly zero times. I have found that if you are respectful with the officer, he will be respectful to you. Why do these knuckleheads end up tasered?

Hell if i know, nor do i really care. I have found that most people who get arrested or tasered had it coming. I am sure that there may be a few trigger or arrest happy Cops out there but i haven't run into them. Most that i have ever encountered where pretty cool. As a matter of fact about 3 weeks ago i was at my neighbors party and the Cops got called on us. Two officers come out and they were very nice. They asked us to turn down the music and contain the party to the house or backyard. No one got arrested or tasered. Funny how a little respect and courtesy goes a long way.

And they're off

Well Mom and Dad left this morning after spending 8 days here in West Texas. I believe this is the Second time they have been out to visit me since i moved here in 1997. I must say it was fun. It snowed over the Thanksgiving Holiday and they saw more snow in 4 days than they have ever seen in their life. We spent everyday sleeping in and visiting.

They left this morning heading for Houston and will be back in their own bed tomorrow night. I am sure they are ready to get home. It's like the old saying goes, there is no place like home.

It was too cold and snowy to do any varmit hunting like we had planned. Hopefully they will come back out in March and we can go then.

Later Yall

22 November 2007

An awesome day

Here in West Texas we had 2 inches of snow on Thanksgiving day. My parents are here from South West Louisiana and have never seen snow on Thanksgiving day before. So naturally after the snow started flying, Dad and i loaded up the old Z71 and decided to go out looking around. Here are some of the pictures we took.

Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a while since i posted. I was in St. Louis for a week and then went to Amarillo TX for a week and now Mom and Dad are here for Thanksgiving. We put the Turkey in the oven last night and the whole house smells like turkey.

As i look back i realise that i have a lot to be thankful for. I think that we as a Nation have a lot to be thankful for. We take the little things for granted such as running water, phone service and going to a store and finding what you want. Most industrialized countries have these modern conveniences but a lot of countries don't.

I know, i have been there. As you relax and watch football and eat turkey today, look around at all the little things you have and be thankful. I hope you really enjoy Thanksgiving.

08 November 2007

I am back

I am back from a very productive training class in St. Louis. It was pretty cool. While i was in MO i bought me a new T-Shirt. It says "God hates Fags and Dog hates Blacks"

Can you believe this guy? I watched him be interviewed by Shawn Hannity and i don't believe he is sincere. I think he is sad because he got caught. His hypocrisy came to light and now his career is ruined.

I can not wait to Al and Jesse jump all over this one. I am sure they Will be demanding something from him, like his blood.

The funny this is that Dog wants to be buried in a slave cemetery without a headstone so he can be with those he loves. where the hell did that come from. So i guess you can go on a rant and call people niggers as long you are willing to be buried with them. Maybe Imus should buy him a plot in the slave cemetery and everything will be alright with him.

Racism will be a part of lives until we die. The Blacks can't let it go and hold whites to standards they are not willing to hold themselves to. The whites are mad at the Blacks for holding them to these standards. I don't think there will ever be equality in our world. People in general prefer to be around their own kind. This goes for race and religion. This is simply a part of our culture. If you force someone to accept what they don't agree with or like, you will pull away until there is a clear separation and hostility will ensue.

02 November 2007

Letter to NAACP

Dear Dr. R L White, Head of the Atlanta Chapter of the NAACP,

My name is Mike. I am 27, and I am neither a member of your organization nor a resident of Atlanta . Normally I wouldn't bother you, but then I came across this article, and it compelled me to write.

Since I am white, I am going to tread carefully, so as not to offend your gentle sensibilities. But, Dr. White, you are a dumb ass.

Speaking for white people everywhere, let me fill you in on something. This case was not a race issue. It was about killing dogs. And if there is one thing people don't stand for, regardless of race, it's killing dogs. You compared it to deer hunting. Again, Dr. White, you are a dumb ass. When was the last time a deer greeted you at the door when you got home from work? Or curled up next to you and gently nuzzled in to take a nap? Dogs are pets, you moron. They aren't meant to be killed for sport. The failure to make this distinction only makes you look more stupid.

Sorry, I lost my temper there.

Here's the thing, Dr. White. The reason people were outraged by this was because he killed dogs. If Ben Roethlisberger or Brett Favre had done it, the reaction would have been the same, I guarantee you. The difference is, had Ben Roethlisberger or Brett Favre done this, you wouldn't see white supporters rallying behind them, proclaiming he was innocent in the face of mountains of damning evidence, supporting him regardless of the outcome. Let me let you in on a secret about white people; when one of our own makes us look bad, we condemn him and disown them. I suggest you adopt a similar policy. If your group's mission is truly to advance "colored" people (your word, not mine) you 'd disassociate from the idiots in your race. It can't go wrong, trust me.

Anyway, Dr. White, I don't want this to come off as racist, because it isn't. Michael Vick is a despicable person who happens to be black. The sooner you realize that, the less of a dumb ass you'll look like.