23 September 2010

Evils of masturbation

The other day, a few of my Brother Knights and I were enjoying a refreshing beverage and discussing common sins that we think people don't think are sins. Obviously masturbation came up.

This particular sin is one that always sparks a good discussion. You have those that believe that masturbation is a natural act and they have to shave their palms regularly and those who believe it is truly a sin.

While we were discussing the merits of both sides of the topic, our Priest walks in and joins the discussion. Our Priest loves our discussions and actually enjoys being a part of them.

Father explains to us that masturbation is one of the causes of marital decline. He explains that when a person masturbates, they are usually visualizing someone other than their spouse. As they pleasure themselves thinking of someone else, this actually creates a rift in the relationship with their married spouse. Over time this rift can become quite large and the man feels that the wife doesn't meet his needs and that leads to infidelity. He also stated that pornography has the same affect.

Since statistics show that 50% of all marriages fail within 5 years, it is hard to argue with Father's logic.

Me being the smart ass that i am asked him, "Father, if God didn't want me to play with it, why didn't he put it on my back between my shoulder blades?"

Father looks at me and smiles and said "Ray, knowing you like i do, you would find a way to abuse it if it was on your back"

What can i say, the man knows me.

It has been a while

I haven't posted in a while because i have been busy as hell. September 1 we closed on our new house. We found "Our Dream Home". It has 2,150 square feet, two car over sized garage that fits my Dually, a 20' x 40' carport, a 16' x 16' carport, a 30' x 18' carport, a 30' x 40' shop, two acres and a stocked pond.

It is 3 miles from the city limits so we are in the country but to far out. I can ride my 4-wheeler or whatever now and not get harassed. The landowners actually own the road. The law can't do shit about it.

The other night i took the rhino to go check the mail. A couple of neighbors were drinking cold beer in the garage and flagged me down. A couple hours later i tried to find my drunk way home and forgot i had lights on the rhino. Life is good!!

The pond is about 60' diameter and was dug to a depth of 14'. we estimate that it is about 9' deep now. The water was crystal clear and you could see the bottom. It had an overgrowth of algae growing beneath the surface which really interferes with my fishing so i decided it was time for the algae to go.

I go down to the coop and they have this copper sulfate to kill the algae. I read the directions and estimated the water volume of the pond. I guess i put too much of the chemicals in the pond because now the water is no longer clear and it smells awful. Freakin algae is ruining my pond.

So i figure since i am a man of exceptional talent for coming up with presidential fixes, i decided to invent a tool to remove the algae. I call it Ray's algae grappler. I built it out of square tubing and it is 24" x 30" and i welded 3" long rebar to it. It looks like a small spring harrow that i tied a rope to and can throw out into the pond. When i pull it in, it rakes up a butt load of algae. Excellent tool but it requires a lot of labor.

Once i get the place cleaned up i will post some pics. I have already hauled off three 16' trailer loads of scrap metal and burned tons of trash. Now i have to trim some trees because the previous owner didn't maintain them.