30 May 2007

Seat Belt Laws

While driving across the State of Texas i noticed all sorts of sign reminding me to "Click it or Ticket". I have to say that this is a bullshit law. It should not be on the books and is nothing more than a Revenue Generator.

Let me explain, wearing a seat belt in no way makes me a better driver. It does not keep me from falling asleep or stop me from drinking and driving. It does nothing to improve the performance of my vehicle or the driver. Some will argue that i have a better chance of living through an accident if i am belted in. Great, that is information i need to know but why make a law about it? If your too stupid to wear a seat belt, i call that Natural Selection or Organ Donation.

I am an adult and i should be able to decide what is best for me. Seat belt laws are just Big Brother and i know it is wrong. I can understand laws governing children but adults should be left to our own demise if we so choose not to wear one. Seat belts mat help but they are not 100%. When i was a fire fighter we cut dead bodies out of seat belts. It is not a guarantee.

In my humble opinion seat belt laws should be like helmet laws, let the operator decided. It is my life, let me live it. If we keep letting them pass laws to make us safe, when is it going to end. What if they decide driving is too dangerous and outlaw that? We need to make it stop.


Last Thursday the wife and I drove to Lake Charles Louisiana to spend some time with the family and to attend my cousin's graduation. He is the last grandchild to graduate so my duties of going to graduations has been full filled. I have to admit it was a blast. The thing i miss most about home is the food. Here in West TX its BBQ and mexican food. In LA its crawfish and seafood.

My uncle had a party for his son graduating. We had brisket, ribs, corn and all the fixings. It was a fun time ending with a bonfire. I have to tell you that it is funny for someone who has been drinking to give someone else advise on how to stoke a large bonfire with a tractor. This was the kind of party that spawns the Redneck jokes. It was fun.

Sunday my Dad had a crawfish boil. He lives across the street from a crawfish farm. I took his 4-wheeler and a trailer and went and picked up 4 sacks of the biggest crawfish i have ever seen. We got them right off the boat. Don't get much fresher than that, not one dead one. If one of these was to pinch you, it might break your finger, no lie. My nephew educated me on crawfish. He taught me to tell the sex and age of a crawfish. He can also tell between seed and spawned crawfish. It amazed me that a 17 year old new all this.

Much beer was drank and this event ended with 4-wheelers, 4-wheel drives and pickup trucks doing laps on the race track that they have lawnmower racing on. A typical redneck evening with dinner and entertainment. It don't get much better than that.

A lot of things have changed since i left there in 1985. The place is growing and i am getting older. Sometimes i miss home so much it hurts but then again sometimes i am glad i left. It is always bitter sweet when i go home. I am glad i was able to see my family but after 6 days it was time for me to leave. Hopefully we can do it all again in October when the male members of the family all meet at the hunting lease for opening day.

Life is good.

22 May 2007

Just a question

Here is something to think about.

What would happen if we granted amnesty to 12 million illegals? By definition amnesty is forgiving their transgressions. So we as a country are willing to forgive 12 million people for criminal trespass? I am not ready to do that. I still believe that someone must pay for their crime.

But what about this. The President waves his magic wand and all is forgiven. Everyone of the 12 million illegals are forgiven and are now American citizens who are eligible for all benefits. Social Security, medicare, welfare etc....

What would happen to our system if 12 million people jumped on it in one day? heck, lets say that only 25% jump on it, that is still 3 million people in one day. It will definitely be noticed.

In my opinion amnesty is not an option. We need to gather them up and ship them home. If they desire to return, do it the right way.

Protect our Border at all cost.

The worlds shortest books

By Jane Fonda & Cindy Sheehan Illustrated By Michael Moore ________________________________________
By Janet Reno
By Rev Jesse Jackson & Rev Al Sharpton _______________________________________
By Hillary Clinton ___________________________________
By Bill Clinton ___________________________________

By Osama Bin Laden _____________________________________

By Bill Gates
THINGS I KNOW TO BE TRUE By Al Gore & John Kerry
ALL THE MEN I HAVE LOVED BEFOREBy Ellen de Generes & Rosie O'Donnel
MY BOOK OF MORALS By Bill Clintonwith introduction By The Rev. Jesse Jackson

21 May 2007

My turn to weigh in on Immigration

You know for the last year we have been listening to everyone complain about immigration. Right now it is believed that there are 12 million undocumented illegals in our country. That in itself is mind blowing. 12 million illegal Mexicans in our country. Here is my question, would we allow 12 million of any other country of origin to do this? Would we allow 12 million Cubans? Haitians? French? Then why do we allow this to happen?

I have listened to the Catholic Bishops and politicians voice there opinion. I agree that Mexico is probably a terrible place to live. Most Mexicans living there who want to come here are probably hard working people who want to contribute but that is not the point.

The point is we are a Nation of Laws. That is what makes this Republic so great. When a country is not governed by Laws, it will fall apart and implode. We have laws addressing immigration into our country. We do not need new laws, we need to enforce the laws we have. It doesn't matter why you come here but you must follow the law.

I understand that families are torn apart by our immigration laws but the family is torn apart because someone broke the law and entered my country illegally. This problem does not fall on my shoulders. Get back across the border and your family is back together. Problem solved.

If we enforce our laws and kick all the illegals out and then let them come back legally, we will not go into crisis mode like the left would like you to think. We welcome anyone here but you must follow the rules. When a person is naturalized they must swear allegiance to our Constitution. They are not allowed to fly their country's flag. When you are naturalized you are an American. How can i be expected to support people who are putting their heritage before mine?

In the end, if we do not do something ASAP about the open Mexican border, we are going to die from the inside out. How can a Nation of laws turn the other cheek for some and not for all?

I have been called a racist for my thoughts on this. That blows my mind. I am not racist. I do not like criminals. If you are here illegally, then you are a criminal. It really bugs me that the government will not put a stop to this.

It is plain and simply trespassing. If we allow them to trespass what else will we allow them to do? It is a gateway crime. They need to take the gloves off the Border Patrol agents and let them have at them. If a criminal is running from them, chase them down and do what must be done to stop them. If a few of them get hurt in the process, too bad. You shouldn't have been breaking the law. I have the right to live in a city where the criminals are behind bars. Lock them up. Just do something.

18 May 2007

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson has come out to publicly support Presidential wannabe Hilary Clinton. Jameson was quoted as saying " The porn industry does better with Democrats in Office. The Republicans seem to always have the porn industry in their cross hairs."

Well what do you think? The Queen of Porn supporting the Clinton's in a run for the Presidency.

I remember one time when Tony Blair was asked about his opinion on America and he replied, "The measure of a country can be determined by who wants out and who wants in."

Now lets apply this same line of thinking to the Presidential Candidates. Who supports the Clinton's? The porn industry? The welfare community? The inner city's where they rely on government support?

Who is against the Clinton's? Veterans? Rich people? Middle class folks? Smart people?

Now a lot of people have an axe to grind against the rich people. People need to realize that the rich people make the world go around. They invest in companies and want to make more money. This gives us jobs. You may hate Haliburton but do you realize how many families are supported by Haliburton? Don't hate the very people that supply your livelihood.

just my humble opinion.

16 May 2007


What is the difference between choice and choose?

Choice is when you have to make a decision about something.

Choose is what Mexicans wear on their feet.

How to piss off your teacher


Make you think about cutting your grass.

Aggie Joke

Three aspiring psychiatrists, from three leading universities,
were attending their first class on emotional extremes.

"Just to establish some parameters," said the professor
to the student from Rice University, "What is the opposite of joy?"

"Sadness" said the student.

"And the opposite of depression?" he asked the young lady from the University of Texas.

"Elation," she said.

"And you, sir," he said to the student from Texas A&M, "How about the
opposite of woe?"

The Texas A&M student replied, "Sir, I believe that would be giddy up".

In case you were wondering

This is a nappy headed hoe

14 May 2007

Think for yourself

I have to tell you that i am amazed at what the press will try to sell us a facts. The scary part is that we as an uneducated populace will believe it. It has actually started here in Midland TX now.

LULAC, the Hispanic NAACP, has asked the FBI to look in to the number of Mexican males that have been shot in Midland TX. They feel the police are just shooting them for the fun of it. Now if you read that statement you might feel that the cops are prejudice. But you must look at all the facts. Over 80% of crime in Midland is committed by Mexicans. The population in Midland TX is over 50% Mexican. If 80% of the people the cops are chasing are Mexicans, then it stands to reason that if they shoot someone, guess what, he is probably Mexican. What a concept.

A university in Pennsylvania has determined that the NBA referees are calling more fouls on Black players that White players. No shit? Look at the percentage of Blacks to Whites in the NBA. People, we must start using that 3 pound lump of tissue between our ears and not let the idiots fill our head with garbage.

Here is some other stats i like. The Border Patrol has reported that 99% of all illegals captured between the Mexican and American border were Mexicans. What are the odds?

98% of all men who take it in the keester are gay. Wow, surprising isn't it?

Lets start thinking for ourselves and not let the media do the thinking for us. Look at the totality of the situation and make your own informed decision. Remember that a charismatic speaker can make any statistic look however they want. Don't buy in to it.

This has been a public service announcement.

04 May 2007

Corpus Christi

I drove down to Corpus Christi yesterday for the State Knights of Columbus Convention. I am sitting in the 9th floor of the Omni hotel overlooking the Gulf. I must say that life is good. While driving down they were talking on the radio about Republican Candidates. Did you realize that there are 10 candidates?

I figure it comes down to two. John McCain and Rudy Juliane. On the surface they both seem like good candidates. A friend once told me how to vote. He said to vote your wallet. I looked at him funny and he explained. He said in your wallet is your Knights of Columbus ID showing you are a devout Catholic and your Concealed Handgun License. To this date that is how i vote.

To get my vote, a candidate must be Pro-Life and support the Second Amendment. I have to tell you that holding too those two criteria, you will eliminate almost everyone. Now everybody knows that Rudy believes in killing unborn babies and New York has very strict gun control. He is disqualified for my vote, as a matter of fact he can kiss my ass.

John seems to be all over the place on several issues plus he is 70 years old but ole John meets my first two criteria. I will have to take a better look at him. So far he is the front runner to get my vote.

Lets say i wanted to vote Democrat. I would if they could run someone who met my first two criteria. What do we have to choose from? Hilliary, hell no. Her and her Husband are entirely too crooked for me. Obama, i can not vote for someone who doesn't believe in God. I will not vote for a Muslim. John Edwards, i am not sure of his stance on my two items.

I have to say that this Presidential election is going to be interesting. Hopefully someone will win that believes in God, is against abortion, supports the 2nd amendment, and wants America to be number one. Is there anyone out there who can do it?