20 May 2009

What the hell is happening to my country

This falls under the "you ain't gonna believe this shit" category. Up in Minnesota there is a 13 year old boy refusing Chemo. The court was going to take the child away from his parents because they were neglecting his medical care by not making him take the chemo.

Why is the court involved in this? If the boy doesn't want it, then he shouldn't have to take it.

This conversation started in the office today when someone asked my opinion on it because i am catholic and so is this kid. It is my opinion that if the boy refuses the treatment and he dies, he can go to a much better place than what we have here. If the boy believes that he will go to heaven, what is so wrong with that.

The issue is a 13 year old boy making a life and death decision. I say let him make it. Do we really need the court system telling us what to do in a medical situation? I see no point in it.

The boy cited religious beliefs as the main reason he doesn't want to take the chemo. Isn't the court infringing on his 1st amendment rights?

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