20 May 2009

I have had about enough

I have heard about enough that i care to hear about Gitmo. Pelosi swears that she had no idea they were water boarding terrorist. CIA says they told her everything. Who gives a shit? To me, it is equal to black on black crime. It doesn't effect me so i do not care.

The American people need to learn to shut the hell up. Do you remember the movie A Few Good Men, remember when Colonel Jessup told them that they had no idea how to defend a country? Well, he was right. We have Generals, Admirals, and Agency's that take care of it. Shut the f*ck up and let them do their jobs.

I could care less if they beat the terrorist twice a day and spanked their asses with a Koran soaked in unicorn tears. It isn't happening on American soil and it is saving American lives. I say take the gloves off and go to town. Dump the bodies in the ocean and on to the next one.

All they are doing is weakening our country. The terrorist watch TV so they know that the leadership of this country has about as much of a spine as a jellyfish.

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