27 May 2009

Religion and insurance

As you know i am engaged. What most people don't know is that she is an RN who works in labor and delivery. She is not Catholic but is interested in becoming one of us. She is by no means doing it to please me, she simply can't find what she needs at her church. The truth is an elusive creature isn't it.

She has come to Mass with me on every Sunday she was off and really likes my Priest. She has gotten to know him, my church friends and my religion. Once she started attending Mass, she realized that everyone at her church who told her bad things about catholics, were simply wrong. She enjoys the Catholic Faith and i look forward to bringing her into the church.

When i go to meet her at work i notice these posters in the elevators and the break rooms. The posters tell us, the patient, that we are responsible for our health care. Well no shit? Who didn't know this?

It seems that a whole butt load of people will do what their doctors says and never even question why. To me this sounds absurd but it does happen. I want to know everything there is to know about my condition and any prescriptions i am given. I do a little research and i can ask intelligent questions with my doctor. Why doesn't everyone do this? Why do people put their absolute faith in a person who could be having a bad day?

In the end, i am most responsible for my safety. I need to know what goes into my body and question everyone who tells me different. Just because they have an MD behind their name, doesn't make them error proof.

It is the same with religion. Why do people absolutely believe what a preacher says and do nothing to verify if he is correct? Why don't people question the authority of a preacher and ask where his authority is derived from?

50 days after the Resurrection of Christ, he established His Church and left the Holy Spirit to guide it. This is commonly referred to as when the Universal or catholic church was formed according to Acts, chapter two.

This church went on from that day as the only christian church until 1054 when a dispute arose over whether Constantinople or Rome held jurisdiction over the church. This split formed the Western branch (Latin) also known as the Roman Catholic and the Eastern branch (Greek) also known as the Orthodox.

Along come Martin Luther, a Catholic Priest, who gets a bad case of heartburn and starts his own religion in 1522 known as the Lutheran Church. King Henry VIII wanted a divorce in 1534 and since the Catholic church wouldn't give it to him, he started the Anglican Church of England.

Every Christian religion is an offshoot of either the Eastern or Western Catholic church. Makes you question the doctrine of their teaching doesn't it.


Texas Ghostrider said...

Very Interesting. I wish I had faith like you do. I lost mine years ago and been searching every since......

Anonymous said...

Simple question, If there is a distance between you and God, who do you think moved?


Anonymous said...

The Apostle Paul commended the Bereans as "being more noble" because they checked what he taught them against Scripture.

God never intended us to turn off our minds when we become His followers.

Mulligan said...

"It seems that a whole butt load of people will do what their doctors says and never even question why."

I noticed this problem with my grandparents and their long term age/illness problems. I suspect it is a sign from an earlier time when doctors were healers and not just drug pushers with permits. That generation had a different level of respect for authority figures and I suspect that a much higher percentage of the authority figures deserved it.

Question everything. Remember half the doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class. They all got hired someplace.