05 May 2009

I have a question

Why do people have kids?

What is the purpose of having children? Why do people have a desire to have them?

Logically i can find no purpose in having kids. I am 41 and have never had a child. I do not desire to have one nor am i interested in being with a women who has minor children. Some friends think I'm crazy but i think they are crazy for wanting them.

I can't figure out what desire they are fulfilling by having kids. At best i think they are being selfish and are self centered. I know that the world needs procreation to continue, but outside of that, what is their purpose.

Why did Adam and Eve have kids? They lived in Paradise and threw it away. Why did they have a desire to create offspring?

I really don't understand this.


Anonymous said...

To help guard the food and ammo...

Ray said...