21 May 2009

Can you be Catholic and not be Pro-Life?

The other day at church someone was handing out these buttons that said "You can't be Pro-Choice and be Catholic".

They tried to give me one and i refused it. She kind of looked at me like i was satan himself. They couldn't understand why i will not wear that button.

The answer is simple, I will quote Doc Holiday "My hypocrisy only goes so far" Ill explain in a bit.

Yesterday a lady asked me to join the prison ministry. I refused. She asked me why and i replied "Those animals are exactly where they belong. They owe a debt to society and they need to pay it"

She reminded me that Jesus taught that we should minister to the imprisoned. I corrected her and said that Jesus taught that we should minister to the wrongly imprisioned. In today's world of scientific proof, they are not that many wrongfully incarcerated individuals.

She then asked me "What would Jesus do?" I replied, Exactly what i am doing. Jesus wasn't no punk and if you remember he threw the thieves and money changers out of the temple area. He called a sinner a sinner and showed them the path to righteousness. He did not coddle the sinner, he told them to repent.

She said that doing their time was repentance. I said no it wasn't. They were only doing time because they got caught. When they get out, then they can show their repentance.

This obviously sparked a tirade of conversation and i left by telling them that i am an educated Catholic and not a sheeple bleating out the party line.

Back to the button, those individuals that are imprisoned for rape and child crimes need to be kept locked up or put to death. One might argue that since i feel they should be put to death, that i am not Pro-Life. The problem is that according to the Church, if a person can be kept incarcerated, then there is no need to put them to death. Here is Texas, the longest sentence you can get is life or 99 years. After 50 years they are eligible for parole. Since we can't keep them incarcerated for life, i am for the death penalty.

This is why my hypocrisy only goes so far. If those animals can get out in 50 years, then we need to put them down. Not very Pro-Life is it?

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armed_and_christian said...

That's as Pro-Life as we need to be. If God was all warm and fluffy and nothing more than compassionate forgiveness, there wouldn't be a need for Hell, would there? Although some seek and find forgiveness, there are still physical consequences of our sinful actions that have to be dealt with. Innocent life must/should be protected, but God Himself decreed that there are some things that are just plain worthy of death. Period. Ray, I'm with you 100% on this, and I spologize if I am rambling or seem to be a bit disjointed in my fingers adequately relaying what makes perfect sense in my mind. I'm kind of a lightweight, and that 2nd martini hit me pretty hard.