05 May 2009

Another semester down

Another semester has come to a close. I took Marketing and College Composition. I ended up with a 94 in each class. It was hard to keep up with this semester.

For my final in marketing i had to perform a marketing analysis on Budweiser. I aced that final. It was a fun class. The College Comp was a lot harder. we had to create a power point presentation on our future career. I actually lost points for too much information, that blew my mind.

The relationship is going great. I have found that being engaged is a lot like negotiating with a care salesman. We are feeling each other out and seeing how far we can go. I like to test the limits just so i know where the boundry is.

For example, me being single and living alone for the past 15 months, when i get home the boots and pants come off. I like to lounge around in my skivvies. Apparently some women don't think this is a good idea. We were on the phone and i said hold on, the pizza is here. I got my pizza and resumed conversation. She asked what i was wearing and i told her. She thinks it is bad manners to answer the door in your skivvies.

She asked me why i do that and i said that my leather couch sticks to my butt when I'm naked, that's why i wear my skivvies. I could hear her roll her eyes on the phone. I liked it better when i had my cloth couch. Sigh...

The other day she decided she was going to do my laundry. I saw her staring at the front of my skivvies. I ask her what she is staring at expecting and answer like "It's so big " or something like that. She said that all my skivvies have an orange stain on the front. I told her that when she isn't around i like to lay on the couch, eat Cheetos, and watch porn. The look of disgust was appalling. Sigh...

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