11 May 2009

State Farm ain't so bad

The other day i was going to Wal-Mart. As i was driving thru the parking lot a women backed out of her space and stuck the driver side corner of her rear bumper right smack dab in the middle of my front bumper. As i was in my company vehicle i called to police and they did an information only report. As with most companies, when you are involved in a vehicle accident in a company vehicle, the paperwork is horrendous. I had drug testing, pulled my driving record, checked my last Smith Driving class and all the other fun stuff that comes with a vehicle accident.

Of course i got the harassing phone calls from corporate threatening to pull my driving credentials and all other forms of abuse. You see, i am known to ride someones ass when they screw up. Now it was my turn to get ridden. I had it coming so i took it like a man.

A few days after the accident State Farm, her insurance, called me to get my side of the story. I told them what happened from my point of view and they agreed to fix my truck. They called the body shop i use and set it up. They gave me a claim number and told me to get it fixed.

This was exoneration for me. State Farm accepted liability for the accident which cleared my driving abilities. I got on the phone to corporate and did my best to rub their noses back in the shit they rubbed my nose in. I like vindication.

Anywho, the other lady called me and wanted to know what i told her insurance company. The call went something like this:
"you told State farm i was in the wrong?"
Why do you think i was in the wrong?"
"You hit me"
"I did not. You ran into me"
'I had the right of way"
"So, you ran into me"
"I'm sorry, you must have not heard me. I had the right of way"
"That doesn't matter, you ran into me"
"Once again lady, i had the right of way"
"This is bullshit"
"What do you want me to do about it? Why did you call me?"
" I want you to call State Farm and tell them that it was your fault and tell them that you will use your insurance to fix your vehicle."
"I don't think so lady"
"Why not?"
"I had the right of way"
"You bastard. My insurance is going to go up. I have to pay to fix your truck when you hit me and they are going to raise my rates. I don't know what you told them but they believed you over me you bastard. What am i going to do?"
"I would suggest that when you do not have the right of way, be more careful"
"Asshole.. "
Then the bitch hung up on me. The nerve of some people.

So i got my truck back today looking good as new. I do keep an eye on my rear view cause i think that lady may be looking for some payback.

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Anonymous said...

Hadn't you just gone through Smith Driving School? I thought we were taught to keep your eyes moving at all times!!!!