07 December 2008

Two things

Two things in this world will make a man do things he wouldn't normally do. Can you guess what they are?

Sex and money. Notice i didn't say Love. Love is a word used too often to camouflage Lust or sex.

I am lucky in the sense that when i lost my wife i was still in love. I was not interested in a sexual relationship so when i met my current GF, sex was not an issue. I think it intrigued her that i wasn't looking to get "lucky". Back in the day we called this the "Jedi Mind Trick".

Most women think that all men want is sex. When your wife or GF ask you to fool around, tell her your not interested. This will blow her mind. She will make up all kinds of shit in her head and the next thing you know, you are almost raped by her. This is the Jedi mind trick. It works every time.

With power comes responsibility. Use this knowledge only to benefit those in need. Do not abuse it.

Gf and i are getting along very well. I finally met someone who's OCD is worse than mine. If you ever go into my pantry you will find all my canned goods sorted and stacked by contents. I looked at GF's pantry and hers are the same as mine except in alphabetical order. Be still my quivering heart...

When i do laundry, my clothes are organized. I put them in the closet or drawer on the right and pull from the left. that way all clothes are worn equally and they don't wear out prematurely. GF has her clothes numbered. I like it.

I am 5 weeks into this relationship and i am happy as a lark. I have taken her to church with me and she gets along well with my friends. The future is looking good. Everything seems to be coming together well. I am back to being my old self. Life is good.

Here is my dilemma. Can a person be too happy? If i am happier than i have been in many years, what does this say to my previous marriage? I believe that a person can have more than 1 soul mate. I am not comparing the two relationships, just noticing the differences. If something seems too good to be true, is it?

I guess there is only one way to find out. I know my heart was broken before but i can not let that stop me from pursuing what might be. I'll let you know what i find.


Mulligan said...

I tend to put 'happy' in the 'now' category.

Things change rapidly and a happy state is highly dependent on environment and circumstance. I think once you've achieved 'happy' anything else is gravy. I don't worry too much about 'happier' or 'happiest'

Ray said...

Good advice from a fine Irish lad.

canivalpo said...

you are so comparing or you wouldn't be thinking about it...just shut up and be happy--er already:)
and you're both very strange with the pantry thing,lol.

Ray said...

Ah Carmen, thank you for your input. Remind me to smackyou upside the head next time i see you. All my Love.

canivalpo said...

Ok, if slapping me upside the head makes you happy my dear friend ...you know how happiness (not to be confused with the shit-eatin-grin that follows a smart ass remark) is what I desire for you:)
right back at ya boss;)