11 December 2008

The Big 3 can kiss my ass

In 2007 GM sold the same amount of cars as Toyota. Toyota recorded good profits and GM wants 16 Billion dollars. What is wrong with this picture?

In my business, if i want to succeed i must do it better than my competition. If i am more expensive, i have to convince my customer that he gets more value from my product than my competitors. Sometimes i do, sometimes i don't. That is the nature of business.

We have the best technicians in the business and that comes at a price. Our company wants 10 years plus employees so we will pay for it. In turn, we are normally higher priced than our competition. I have well paid salesman to educate our customers that they get a better value with us than someone else. We are the largest and the 2nd oldest company in our business. You get what you pay for.

The Big 3 need to restructure their business to become competitive with those who are whipping their ass. I would guess that the UAW is driving their cost through the roof. The UAW can either back off or their people will be unemployed. Its time to make the hard decisions.

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