28 December 2008

Another hurdle cleared

Well, Christmas has come and gone. I fared much better than i thought i would. I was expecting a lot of..... well, I'm not sure what i was expecting. I just didn't think it would turn out to be fun. In the end it was a pretty good Christmas.

I got off work at 1500 on Tuesday and have been off since. I spent Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday with the GF and her family. GF had to work Christmas night, Friday and Saturday night. We found the time to be with one another and we both had a Merry Christmas.

She understood this was a difficult time for me and gave me the room i needed but stayed close. It was wonderful. Now that the holidays are behind us we look forward to getting on with our lives. We will start our own new traditions.

I spent some time with my Grandson. It was in the 70's here so i took grandson out riding on the motorcycle. That child has no fear and loves to ride. He likes it when we go fast. I don't believe in getting a child clothes for Christmas. I got him trucks, and lots of them. I also got him a Thomas the Train set. The boy was happy.

One of the nights GF had to work i went next door to Mardy and Samantha's. We drank plenty of beer and burned some steaks. Now she has new pictures of me passed out on their couch. Its a funny sight. Me passed out holding a beer and an 80 pound pit bull sleeping next to me. Life is good.

I hope Y'all had a Merry Christmas and I'll see you soon.


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