02 December 2008


Yesterday i realized that i was living in fear. Not a particular fear, just fear of the unknown i think. Last night i shook of that fear and became myself, again. Now i feel really good.

I am an administrator at my job. Yesterday two individuals had words and almost resulted in a physical confrontation. For whatever reason, this shook me awake. For the last two years i have been in a position where the employees kinda had the upper hand and were taking advantage. All that changed last night.

This morning we had a branch meeting and i layed all the issues on the table. I made some changes with personnel and informed them that if they didn't like, they were free to leave. They will operate under my structure or take their toys and go play elsewhere. I refuse to be held hostage by the employees any longer. If i must start over with new ones, so be it, i will.

What amazed me was how many of the people liked the new structure and jumped behind it. This recession is not going to hurt my company. The services we provided are mandated by the government so it must be done. With companies laying off like they are, we have a better pool to pick from for new employees. In the past two years you couldn't hire anyone out here. Now the oil companies are parking rigs and the hands are looking for work. The tail no longer wags the dog. All the men who left solid companies to go work the drilling rigs for a fast buck, are left out in the cold. I'm sorry this happened but if you can't see your future, don't expect me to see it for you.

3 major companies in this area have started or announced their layoffs. It will result in about 950 people into the labor pool. An entire plant is shutting down within 6 months. In a town of 100,000, that is a big influx.

Everyone at my company is safe as long as they continue to perform at the top of their game. The days of employees threatening to leave if they don't get a fat raise, gone like the wind. The next 18 months will be dicey put we will prevail. We will not fail, failure is not an option!


Anonymous said...

Well...look at you go. So I'm guessing you're actually feeling a weight lifted off of them huge shoulders, huh. I have been out of the bitching loop too long! I turn my back for one second and look at what you've done!
So, now that you've taken that can of WHOOP ASS out and marked your territory with the your grunts are you going to make time to have lunch with us today?
Too cool boss, YOU GO RAY-RAY!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Damn thing won't let me leave a comment unless I choose anonymous. Crap!!
It's Carmen BTW

Anonymous said...

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