03 December 2008

I'm a college boy

Today i started my first semester with Kaplan University online. A month or so back i had a lot of free time and a little extra money so i started researching online colleges. I started talking with Kaplan and when we pulled my military transcripts, i had 48 hours and Kaplan would transfer 30 of them into a degree for me. An associates is 90 hours and a bachelors is 180 hours. I am 1/3 rd of the way to my associates so i figured why not go for it.

With my veteran status they gave me a price of $230 per credit including books. That is a damn good price. My company has a tuition reimbursement plan and when i talked to HR about it, they agreed to pay double what they normally pay because my degree is in business management. In reality i can have my associates in two years and cost out of my pocket will be $3,000. I plan on doing it a lot faster than two years so my cost will increase also.

I am taking 10 hours this semester. Not bad for having a full time job. My two classes are Introduction to Business and Academic Strategies for the Business professional. Each course is 10 units and we have a week to complete each unit. I completed mine today in about 3 hours. If it continues to be this easy i will up the classes that i will take.

I can feel my brain growing already LOL


Biggun6969 said...

Congratulations big brother! I am currently about half way through my associate degree. I am set up for 7 credit hours next semester. I just took my final last night. Passed with a 100% of course. I am taking one course on site and one on the internet next semester. Take it easy. Later.

Anonymous said...

What is the cost per hour if you don't mind my asking?


Biggun6969 said...

The cost for 7 credits is $420. Later.