01 December 2008

Diesel $2.50 a gallon, Dually Fender $600, Cat-free, look on GF's face, priceless

Have you ever been cruising along and some dumb ass cat try to run out in front of you? Sometimes you have to swerve real hard to take them out. Sometimes you don't.

So we are driving down this little country road about 50 mph just looking around. We are talking and just having a good time, the world is in harmony. About 50 yards ahead of me a cat shoots out into the road. I was just goofing around and stomped the gas and swerved for the cat. I had no intentions of taking out said feline, i was just goofing.

For whatever reason, i think the cat was suicidal, it decided to come back across the road and play chicken. When it did this i instinctively turned the wheel to avoid hitting the cat. (i swear i was trying to avoid the cat). I missed the cat with the front wheels but it got caught up between the dualls in the back. After it spun around a time or two it became dislodged and shot through the fiberglass fender. It didn't actually put the whole body thru the fender, just a portion of the head.

Now i am pissed that this cat cost me a fender and i am being accused of killing animals for the fun of it. "It's just a cat" was not the desired response she was looking for.

So now i have a pissed off women, a dead cat and my truck smells like dead pussy. Lucky me.

* no animals were actually harmed inthe telling of this story

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Mulligan said...

imho cats are dog food in a stay fresh pouch