09 May 2008

Pissed off another telemarketer

Last night i decided i was going to BBQ some catfish. I am standing at the sink cleaning the fish and the phone rings:

"Howdy doody tutty fruity"

"This is Glen with AT&T and we can save you hundreds annually on your telephone calls. Do you think this is something you would be interested in?"

"Absolutely Glen, saving money is one of my favorite things to do. Tell you what, i have my friend on the other line, let me switch over and get rid of him and then we can talk about your service. By the way, do you offer call waiting?

"Yes sir, call waiting and many other features for no cost"

"OK, hold on and i will be right back"

Now at this point you have many options. Poor Glen thinks he is about to make a sale. You can put the phone and walk away and leave him hanging on to see how long he will wait. I decided to go another route. Here is what i like to do.

Press one of the number buttons on the phone. It will sound to Glen like you are transferring your call waiting. Now for some fun.

"Hey Frank, i have to go. I got some fucknuts from AT&T trying to sell me some shit on the other line. Why can't these losers get a real job? I don't know if his mama didn't breast feed him enough or if she did it too much. He sounds like his daddy dick fed him with that lisp of his. I have to talk slowly because apparently he has a monosyllabic vocabulary. I'll call you back when i am done with this nut hugger"

Now press another button and address Glen

"Ok Glen, what have you got?"

"Sir, i really don't appreciate that......." click

"Glen, Glen, i really want some AT&T, Glen, you there?"

*gigglesnort* they are too easy.

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Anonymous said...

You seem to have an unquenchable thirst for the deformation of character that you have so elquently spoke of, over and over and over, again. I have to ask myself, "Is this guy trying to make up for his own inadiquacies by belittling others?" ....The answer seems unequibably, undeniably, YES! You poor pathetic inbred piece of white hillbilly trash. Get some help!