14 May 2008

CNN is a Fuc**** joke

Last night i was laying around the hotel and accidentally put on CNN. They had a Breaking News banner on the screen. I wanted to know what was so important.

"Breaking News" Clinton takes West Virginia. No shit? What are the odds?

I used to live in West by God Virginia. I know those inbreds. You could run a white gay liberal who wants to bring back Prohibition and they would NOT vote for a Black Man. And CNN acts like it is something the world didn't know. How stupid can CNN be?

Since i am talking about WV, what do you call 5 West by God Virginia women in the same room?

A full set of teeth.

How do you circumsize a West Virgina man?

Kick his sister in the mouth!!!


Anonymous said...


My oldest son was reading the report that Hitlery had won WV. He started cracking up when he got to the part where it said people in WV are among the poorest and least educated in the country. He was like, "Hey, Dad, this explains a lot, doesn't it?"

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that CNN would do something like that. I mean, who do they think they are? Reporting the news like that. Next thing you know, they will be hiring a fuckin news achor or something. At least we got guys like you out there who know what is really going on in the world. Being from WV and all. Damn near makes you an expert on hillbilly backards ass shit like dat!

Ricky said...

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