19 May 2008

The homie and 17 briquets

My buddy Rohmie the Homie called me the other nights and asked what i was doing. I told him nothing, just planning on grilling and watching a flick. I had to run some errands and i would give him a call and see if we meet later.

I take care of my errands, call Rohmie the Homie and he says he will come over, we will cookout and watch a flick. I am sitting there when i smell charcoal and hear a knock on the door. In walks Rohmie the Homie and we are chatting. He said he had already lit his pit so he brought it with him.

Let me interject a little history here. I want to talk about people who are cheap. I have seen some of the cheapest people in the world. I have always said that copper wire was invented with my Dad and Uncle fighting over a penny. My Dad and Uncle would be considered big spenders compared to my Brother. My Brother has actually requested change for a quarter to leave a tip. Tight, just plain tight. Rohmie the Homie ranks up there with my Brother.

Rohmie the Homie didn't want to waste his charcoal so he brought the pit with him. I say no problem, let me get my steak and we will throw them on the pit. Well, i couldn't. You see, Rohmie the Homie only had 17 briquet's in the pit. Yes, 17. I counted them. He would put his steak over the briquettes and when it was almost cooked, he would move the steak to the side and place the sausage over the 17 briquettes. As he was explaining this to me, i almost pissed myself from laughing.

I am what some would call frugal, but i would never count out 17 briquettes for a BBQ pit. That is just plain damn cheap.

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Ricky said...

Wow, so there are people out there who are cheaper than yourself. I am amazed and left in awe.