05 May 2008

The hard way

This weekend was the Knights of Columbus convention in Dallas TX. Me and 4 other brother Knights loaded up Friday after Mass and drove my new dually to Dallas for the convention. I know taking a 1 ton dually is not the most economical vehicle but it is big enough to seat 4 comfortably and carry all the luggage.

I made sure the tanks were full before we left. We stopped at Manuel's for breakfast burritos and off we went. When we pulled into the hotel i had burned a little more than a half a tank of diesel.

We attended the Awards Banquet that evening and i was awarded my first Knights of Columbus ring. The ring was awarded to the top 5 Grand Knights in the State of Texas for council growth. After the awards we hit the hospitality suites. It was a great time.

This was my third year going to convention. I renewed friendships with brothers i had met previously and just enjoyed being there. We had a new guy with us so we had fun teaching him the finer points of convention etiquette.

Sunday morning at 1130 we head out for home. We are coming into Abilene and i told the guys we had about 1/8 th tank of fuel and i had to stop for diesel. We were commenting on how far we went on a tank of fuel when it sounded like the motor freaked out. It was clattering and clanking and sounded like it was running on a few cylinders. All power was lost and we coasted down the exit ramp to a Fina station. We had to push that big bastard to the fuel pumps. After about 10 gallons of diesel i start it up. I thought the motor was going to blow. It sounded like crap, wouldn't idle and it looked as if it was going to jump out from under the hood.

I put 41 gallons of diesel in that sucker. i apparently sucked the tank bone dry. After trying to make it run right we decided it was just air in the system so we loaded up and took off down the road. About 5 miles down the road the engine worked the air out and it was back to running perfectly.

I pulled up at the house at 1800. Does anyone know how to bleed the fuel system on a Power stroke should this happen again? Obviously the fuel gage is a little off so I don't plan on running that truck below a half tank ever again.


ChevyMan69, Biotch said...

Well, if you hadn't been trying to prove how fuckn fuel efficient that big hunk of duely dogshit was, you probably would have done the smart thing and fueled up before the gauge read "EMPTY". But, the fact that you bought a Ford in the first place, eludes to the intelligence compass that reads due "SOUTH" in your empty shell of a fuckin skull.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, I see the trailer park cryor has decided to join in. I am amazed that you can even make sentences thru your alcoholic fog. Your piece of shit is a lot like you in the bedroom. It wouldn't perform without a booster also you fat shaggy bastard. I will still out drag your crappy Chevy all over town when your ready to hook them up.

You need to have some overloads added to the drver side so it will stop leaning that way. It looks like your driving in circles.


Ricky said...

There is absolutely no way in the fuckn world that I could drag that Ford around town with your fatass in it. Let someone else drive and you are ON