23 May 2008

The beauty forgotten

I was awake about 0400 this morning. I was lying there with nothing better to do and the news was just beating a dead horse about Obama. I decided i would hit the town and go to this little dive diner i know for breakfast. It was just before 0600. You know the twilight time. The sunrise was an hour out, it was 70 degrees, a purple hue was coming across the western sky.

I was driving around downtown Odessa and i had to stop. I had to stop to take it all in. To look around and realize what i was looking at. It was simply beautiful.

Odessa is a blue collar oilfield town. Everyone who works the oil patch has early starting days. We have already been over 100 degrees this week. Most oil patchers start their day about 0500 and by 1400 their 8 is in.

0600 and everyone who is out and about are oil patchers. The retail shops are closed but all the oil field shops are open. Supply houses, service companies, the people out are those working stiffs. The people who are a drain on society are just going to bed. I would venture that there is no crime rate at this hour.

I wasn't paying attention and i passed a cop. I looked down and i was going 50 downtown. The cop just waved. I think he was enjoying the morning as much as i was.

A desert sunrise is a beautiful thing to behold. It is dry and arid. 70 degrees here is very cool. I enjoyed a lazy breakfast and strolled on in to work. I have a feeling it will be a good day.

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