21 April 2008

Movie review

This weekend i was bored so i decided to go window shopping at the mall. I was walking around looking at stuff and looking for that thing i needed. I didn't know what i needed but i was sure i would know it when i saw it.

I walked out of the mall with a pressure washer, an outfit for a (small) pet monkey and the movie Walk Hard.

After a few beers and while a pot roast was simmering i slipped in the movie. There were parts that had me laughing so hard i had to stop the movie and rewind it. It wasn't a constant laugh fest but it was worth the $20 it cost me. I will be purchasing the sound track to this movie. Some of the songs made me pee my pants they were so funny.

I suggest buying the movie but i will bet a dollar to a donut that my Brother will not like this movie. He doesn't have the same laugh button as i got. I look forward to hearing his critique. Since this movie doest have Will Ferell in it, he may watch it.

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to check it out. Will Farrell is seldom disappointing. I still almost wet myself when he runs into the lockers in Elf.

I hear you. My brother and I couldn't be more different. We don't like the same movies, music, drinks, or food.