21 April 2008

A long week

Last week was a long week. We were in Dallas for budget meetings. Our budget meetings are little different. Our region has a total and that total is given out to the branches. There is lots of cussing, name calling, blaming and crying going on. You hear some of the most interesting excuses at these meetings. Most of them come from me.

I try my ass off to defend a lesser budget than i had last year. I quote windfalls, economic downturns, trends in the oil patch and a mature market. All to no avail. We all get hammered. Damn the bad luck.

Our meetings are usually based on Beer, Pizza and Donuts. We get all beered up at night and argue all the next day. Our Boss lets us use our imagination when we present our branch. I must say that some of the most humorous lies come out of these meetings. You would think that we all should be on welfare. After all the lying, crying and cussing, it is what it is. Cowboy up and get r dun.

We went to the Medieval Times for dinner. That was interesting. You get to eat with your hands in an arena that smells like horse shit. Yum. I was shocked at the price. $53 a head.

The show was decent. I really like the horsemanship. The animals are well trained. The acting leaves a bit to be desired. I would suggest that everyone go there at least once.


Anonymous said...

My 16 y/o really enjoyed the one in Florida. Funny...he described it pretty much like you did: you eat with your hands on a place that smells like horseshit.

Damn! Is that your group? You oilfield guys are some ugly SOB's.

I don't think Indiana has much oil, but if you're ever near Indy, let me know so's I can at least buy you a beer.

Still praying for you, bro. Romans 8:28

Ray said...

You are right about us being some ugly SOB's. We can't help that but we are the best at what we do.

I have no plans for going to Indy but if i do you can bet your ass we will go have a beer. Same goes for you in you ever venture down to West Texas.