14 February 2009

A moral question

This couple decide they want to have a child. They go forth and begin multiplying. She goes to the doctor and finds out she is pregnant with twins. They are overjoyed and thank God for blessing them with this miracle. All is well for a few months.

They go to the doctor and find that the twins are co-joined or Siamese twins. They are joined at the head. This news devastates the couple. The doctor talks to them about aborting the pregnancy. The doctor doesn't think the twins will ever have a normal life.

The couple is a Christian couple and doesn't believe in abortion. Like most people they don't believe in things until it happens to them. They hate abortion but they start weighing the pro's and the con's about co-joined twins. They start rationalizing why an abortion in this particular case would be ok. In the end it is a split decision. One thinks they should abort and one thinks they should deliver. I'll let you guess who wanted what.

They decided to deliver the babies against their doctors advice. She has a successful delivery and the babies are perfectly healthy and normal other than being connected at the head. The twins are absolutely beautiful. It looked as if God himself blessed these little girls with a beauty that was second to none. They were adorable!

The couple consults with several surgeons to see about separating the girls. Every surgeon they talk to tells them that there is a 100% guarantee that if they try to separate the girls, one of them will die. They go to Germany and consult with surgeons there. They all agree that one of the girls will die if they go through with the surgery. The only difference is they find a surgeon who will do the surgery. They ask if the surgery will be fatal for one of the girls and he says yes, but that doesn't bother him. He believes that it is worth it to sacrifice one of the girls to give the other one a normal life.

Should the couple have the surgery?


Biggun6969 said...

Not no but hell no! The thing is they got in this situation when they decided to have kids. Then when they found out they were going to be conjoined twins they continued with the pregnancy; which they should have. Now they have exactly what they knew was coming. The doctor, the parents- no one has the right to kill an innocent child to make it better for the other or easier on the parents. And I can almost bet that the father will hate his wife for keeping them and have “bad blood” toward those girls while blaming God for cursing him with this burden. Later.

canivalpo said...

what do youuu think Ray? your reader's would like to know..

Jon said...

I dunno, maybe somebody should ask the girls to toss a coin and make a decision.