03 February 2009

It was a nice Fall night. The leaves were falling and the wind had a bit of a chill in it. It wasn't cold yet but you could tell winter was coming up on us. He was sitting at home bored with nothing to do. His buddy called him and told him of a mutual friend who was in the hospital. He debated on whether or not to go visit him.

He hated hospitals. He had spent many a night in the hospitals with his departed wife. He knew that people need to have visitors but he didn't like doing it. He decided he would go just for no other reason than boredom.

He loaded up and set off for Odessa. It was a 20 mile drive and his mind kept going back to the women he had dated. Since his wife had passed he tried the dating thing but nothing ever worked out. They all had too many issues for him to deal with. One of the women had some promise and he dated her twice. It never made it past the second date. He was honest about it. If the woman asked if he would call them, he simply said no, he was not interested.

Maybe he expected too much or the women just didn't measure up to his standards, either way he was tired of it and decided to just be single. One women offered to ride him like a Harley on a piece of rough road. That scared him. At least being single he didn't have to answer to anybody. He could come and go as he pleased. All this sounded good to him. He didn't mind being alone, he has always enjoyed his solitude. He planned to enroll in college and just enjoy his spare time. Life was good.

He was driving around the hospital and found a nice parking spot by the power plant. He is walking into the hospital when he spots the most beautiful women he has ever seen. She is wearing scrubs and has her hair in a long ponytail. She is about 5'5" tall and 120 pounds. She walks like she is the queen of the hospital. She is walking towards the exit door and he stops her and ask for directions.

After he ask for directions she said " You aren't from around here are you?"

"No ma-am, i am from Louisiana"

"Oh, Are you french?"

"No, but i kiss that way"

She starts laughing and they start talking. She used to live in the Baton Rouge area and she thought Cajun men were very sweet. He has driven through Baton Rouge and is a Cajun, that was enough to get them started.

He stayed at the hospital until 0130 that morning and never did go visit his friend. They went out the next night and hit it off. They have been together ever since and it gets better every day.

It's funny how when you least expect it, things just happen.

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canivalpo said...

Wow, this is the first time I have ever witnessed you so gentle and loving and sappy and mushy and all that stuff that you would normally give someone endless shit about!! Oh-My-Gosh...you are so mushy!! I'm so happy for you but I am so gonna enjoy giving you crap on this one,lol!!
But for now...you deserve all that mushy crap and happiness and all of it that comes with it.
Now..get rid of that damn picture of me!!