25 February 2009

A difficult question

Today me and someone was talking about abortion. He said it was ok to perform an abortion if having the child would kill the mother. I am not too sure how i feel about that. His argument was that by aborting the child and saving the mother, the couple could have another chance at having a child. He also stated that he knew the mother was ok but didn't know the condition of the baby.

Using his logic i told him this story:

A woman has what she thought was a boil on her inner thigh. She goes to the doctor and he rushes her to the hospital. They consult a surgeon and determine that she has Necrotizing Fasciitis . They rush her into surgery and a few hours later the surgeon reports that he thinks he got it all out. The next day the nurse notices some reddening moving around her outer leg and up towards her spine. The surgeon takes her back into surgery and they start round two.

The woman is completely knocked out on pain meds and several antibiotics to kill the infection. She ends up in ICU on a ventilator and is fighting for her life. Her husband is having to make decisions based on a limited medical background and the decisions could be life or death.

The nurses notice more reddening on her and call the surgeon again. The surgeon meets with the husband and family and lays out the options. The options were simple, try surgery again and hope they get it or amputate the leg and know that they get it.

The children and family members want to amputate the leg but the husband doesn't. The husband has the final say so they are trying to convince him to let the surgeon amputate.
The husband claims to know his wife's wishes and that she would not want her leg removed. The family says that doesn't matter as long as she is still alive. She may be mad but she will be here with them.

This is a true story and did in fact take place. What would you have done? Would you amputate or not if you were the husband in this situation.

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