29 September 2007

A hard week

Thursday morning at 0230 am my nephew is driving home on his motorcycle and a Toyota Tacoma pulls out in front of him. He can not stop so he hits the truck and takes the force of the blow with his head. He is not wearing a helmet. The CCU doctor says if he makes it, he doesn't know what kind of brain function he will have. We have to wait and see. They are taking steps to relieve the pressure from his brain swelling. We are praying for a positive outcome.

My good friend and Brother Knight of Columbus, Darrel's wife has passed away after a valiant struggle with cancer. She is 44 years old and leaves two young teenagers behind. Her body will be Lying in Repose at our church Sunday night and the Knights of Columbus will maintain a vigil until the Funeral Mass on Monday.

So between my nephew and friend, it will be a long hard weekend.


Ambulance Driver said...

Damn Ray, I'm sorry to hear that.

I'll be praying for your nephew and your family.

Ray said...

Thanks AD.