03 September 2007

Movie Reviews

Blades of Glory - A will Ferrell classic. That kid from Napoleon Dynamite wasn't very good but a decent movie.

I Think I Love My wife - Chris Rock does OK. Some serious Hotties in this movie. The question for you is, Would you have cheated?

Snakes on Plane - To unbelievable. You can't make snakes that aggressive i don't believe.


Biggun6969 said...

I am sorry, but the words classic and Will Ferrell should never be in the same sentence. Not even the same paragraph.

I think I love my wife was better than I expected. In my eyes, he did cheat on his wife. He never had sex with the ole gal, but all the time and questionable situations they were in because he chose to is not what I would call “good marital” acts.

And I just couldn’t bring myself to watch Snakes on a Plane. But another good movie with Samuel L. Jackson and snakes is Black Snake Moan. There are no snakes in the movie, but it was worth watching. Better than expected. Later.

Ray said...

Don't be a hater, tator. Will is good.