15 December 2009


I was having the oil changed in my truck today so i was in the waiting room watching fox. They had some politicians from Illinois on the TV talking about moving 100 prisoners from Gitmo to some prison 150 miles from Chicago.

As we were watching, the Governor reported that this would create 3,000 jobs. WTF? How can adding 100 inmates to a prison create 3,000 jobs?

This is a prime example of how the dimocrats plan on fixing the economy. 3,000 jobs to guard 100 prisoners. If that 100 prisoners creates 3,000 jobs then it stands to reason that we, the taxpayer, must be paying for services to create 3,000 jobs. Are you shitting me?

This administration is nothing short of a huge disappointment to me. The sad part is that all the stupid fucking idiots out there that support that dumb ass haven't got a clue. Stupid bastards!

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A MotherTrucker's Daughter said...

boy oh boy. You know my mom used to make me go pick out my very own switch. thanks for the advice it doesnt faze the little prince.