08 December 2009

Weather guessers in West texas really suck

The night before last the low was 22 degrees. Yesterday it was supposed to warm up to 36 and be partly cloudy. That is what they had forecasted. Yesterdays high was 28 degrees with freezing fog and freezing rain. Visibility was 1 mile. Missed that one by a tad.

The last two weeks have been hell for the weather guessers. They have missed every single weather event that they tried to predict. They predicted a major winter storm with 4" of snow that turned into sunny days. Then they predicted sunny days that left us 1-2" of snow. Hell, i can do as good a job as they can when it comes to guessing the weather.

Today they are predicting it to warm up from 28 degrees now to 65 degrees by 1500. I really don;t know if the temperature can climb that high in one day. They are also predicting strong southwesterly winds sustained at over 30 mph with gust up to 100mph. Are you shitting me?

The wind blows out here all the time. 30-40 mph winds is nothing to get your panties in a wad about. We have gust up to 60 mph on a regular basis. 100 mph is a little different story. 100 mph will change the direction of travel for a large vehicle. It might turn into a very interesting day.

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