07 December 2009

Soliciting your opinion

For years now i have had the same hair style. I wear a flat top. I like it, it fells normal and i think i look good in it. My wife wants me to grow my hair out. She said she would even like a mullet.

I don't know if i am too keen on this idea. Do you think having a mullet is a good idea or a bad idea?


Biggun6969 said...

Go with it. I agree with her. Grow that mullet and wear it with pride. We can always use more things to laugh at around the camp fire. Later.

Cheryl said...

I agree with John and Karin...the mullet is the way to go. Business up front and party in the back!

Bob S. said...


You and I are alike in this. I've worn a flat top for many years.

Recently, I've been letting it grow out. I'm going to go with a semi-mullet. Not past the shoulders but just longer in back.

If you like it and your wife likes it, what else matters?