15 December 2009

Catholic Quiz, what do you know or think you know about Catholics

Which of the following ten statements are true?

1 - Vatican II changed the Church from a monarchy to a democracy.

2 - You'll definitely go t heaven if you attend Mass and confess your sins.

3 - We know the Bible contains mistakes.

4 - When you get divorced, you're excommunicated and can't receive communion.

5 - Your conscience tells you what's right or wrong.

6 - Every Catholic must go to confession at least once a year.

7 - An annulment is a divorce for Catholics.

8 - You sin if you don't believe in Church-approved apparitions of Mary.

9 - Purgatory is no longer a required doctrine.

10 - Good works help us earn salvation.

Have you written down your answers? Good - now tear your answer sheet into little bits and throw them away. No matter which of these statements you identified as true, you're wrong. The list does not contain even one true statement. All ten are false.

I put this up to show that even good Catholics can have a less than perfect knowledge of their faith and that non-catholics shouldn't assume that they know the Catholic faith.

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