07 December 2009

Ethical scenario

Here is a scenario:

You own a restaurant on a small parcel of land. The county zoning laws require that all dumpsters must be at least six feet away from the property line and must have housing built over them. You have complied with this zoning law for years.

The city passes an ordinance stating that "All dumpsters must be at least 30 feet from the rear entrance". To accommodate the city ordnance, you would have to have your dumpster five feet from the property line.

The county zoning inspector told you that he would sign off on your restaurant if you provide the food for his offices Christmas party. What would you do?


Cody said...

LMAO! I see you know all about the Jersey Shore show huh?! Jenn had it on the other night. Nothing like a show of guineas sporting a wife beater, gold chains, blow-out haircuts and smelling like a fresh bottle of cheap cologne. AYE, YO, FAHGETABOUTIT! Sad thing is, I live 5 min from where they filmed that!

Ray said...

Dude, i so love wearing my wife beaters. You ever notice that when you watch Cops, they all have wife beaters and Mr.T starter kits.