06 June 2007


Today i went to the bank to perform a few transactions. They gave me a comment card to fill out on-line. Me being the calm soft spoken sort, decided to talk about 2 subjects. The first one is not important. The 2nd subject was the banks little picture of a pistol with a line drawn thru it.

I happen to have a CHL (concealed handgun license) and like to exercise my rights. The following is the transcript from the Emails:

Ray (concerned citizen)
Arthur, here is the information. If it is considered private property then the owner decides. Since its your decision, I would like to see you decide that legal law abiding citizens have the right to exercise our rights on your property. Just my, and many others, opinion.

Art (banker guy)

Unfortunately, I am not the one to make that decision. And, given the fact that we are a federally regulated financial institution by the US Treasury this further limits us.

However, I will indicate this on my response to corporate just as I will submit the Title 30.06 regarding signage along with receipt size for follow up.

I appreciate your comments and I will diligently push them up the latter.

Thank you.

Ray (concerned citizen)
I appreciate your interest in this matter. Here is another little tidbit of information to think about. If someone decided to rob your bank, that sign on the building will not stop them. It never has. How many people do you think go into your bank everyday? How many of those people have a “colorful” past? Any one of us, CHL carriers, have had the FBI approve our background and possession of this license proves there is no “colorful” background. Simply stated, the people carrying weapons legally into your facility are not the problem. The people who carry them into your facility illegally will not be stopped by a sign or a law.

Most of us don’t care about carrying our weapon into your bank. We are concerned about entering and exiting your bank. Statistically speaking most crimes happen in the parking lot. Our issue is that we must be disarmed in the most likely place to be involved in a crime. If you allow us to carry into your building, then we are armed in the most dangerous part of your facility, the parking lot.

When you send this up the ladder, I hope you impress upon them our concerns. Thank you for your time. Have a great day.

Art (banker guy)
Your points are well taken. We take a non-confrontational approach to robberies for the safety of our employees.

Thank you for your comments.

I have to say that Art was very professional and seamed to have a sympathetic ear. I am curios how Citibank is going to respond. I will keep you posted.

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