30 May 2007

Seat Belt Laws

While driving across the State of Texas i noticed all sorts of sign reminding me to "Click it or Ticket". I have to say that this is a bullshit law. It should not be on the books and is nothing more than a Revenue Generator.

Let me explain, wearing a seat belt in no way makes me a better driver. It does not keep me from falling asleep or stop me from drinking and driving. It does nothing to improve the performance of my vehicle or the driver. Some will argue that i have a better chance of living through an accident if i am belted in. Great, that is information i need to know but why make a law about it? If your too stupid to wear a seat belt, i call that Natural Selection or Organ Donation.

I am an adult and i should be able to decide what is best for me. Seat belt laws are just Big Brother and i know it is wrong. I can understand laws governing children but adults should be left to our own demise if we so choose not to wear one. Seat belts mat help but they are not 100%. When i was a fire fighter we cut dead bodies out of seat belts. It is not a guarantee.

In my humble opinion seat belt laws should be like helmet laws, let the operator decided. It is my life, let me live it. If we keep letting them pass laws to make us safe, when is it going to end. What if they decide driving is too dangerous and outlaw that? We need to make it stop.

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