18 May 2007

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson has come out to publicly support Presidential wannabe Hilary Clinton. Jameson was quoted as saying " The porn industry does better with Democrats in Office. The Republicans seem to always have the porn industry in their cross hairs."

Well what do you think? The Queen of Porn supporting the Clinton's in a run for the Presidency.

I remember one time when Tony Blair was asked about his opinion on America and he replied, "The measure of a country can be determined by who wants out and who wants in."

Now lets apply this same line of thinking to the Presidential Candidates. Who supports the Clinton's? The porn industry? The welfare community? The inner city's where they rely on government support?

Who is against the Clinton's? Veterans? Rich people? Middle class folks? Smart people?

Now a lot of people have an axe to grind against the rich people. People need to realize that the rich people make the world go around. They invest in companies and want to make more money. This gives us jobs. You may hate Haliburton but do you realize how many families are supported by Haliburton? Don't hate the very people that supply your livelihood.

just my humble opinion.

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