12 October 2009

Mud, Guns, Beer and lies. Redneck heaven.

This old stump decided to bite on to the axe when we were splitting it. We tried to get it out but we ended up breaking the handle off. No big deal, we set it aside and forgot about it. Later that night, about 0200 that morning actually, after the beer had replaced our good sense, i decided to set the stump down range and shoot the axe head out with the .50 BMG. I will admit that i missed the first few shots but eventually hit it. We never found a single piece of the axe head. I assume that since it is hardened steel, it just shattered. Oh, another reason i missed is because a hat was hanging on the axe head. I'll explain later.
Here is the hat that was on the axe head. This hat belongs to little bill who in the next post you see sitting in the middle of a mud hole. For whatever reason, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, we decided to shoot his hat. We convinced little bill that when he fell into the mud hole, a huge snapping turtle went after him and it bit his hat. As of today he is convinced that he barley got out of there alive cause that big ass turtle was after him. I am still laughing my ass off!! Drunk people are so much fun to mess with.

My Rhino got so much mud in the radiator that it started running hot and we had to clean it. That is the first time i got it that muddy.

If you have never ridden a Rhino, i can not say enough good about them. This machine will go damn near anywhere. With the proper tires and a passionate driver, you can bust open any mud hole.

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