19 October 2009

Every day is a fight, sometimes i feel like it will never end

About two years ago the price of oil was over $100 a barrel and work was pouring in. The problem then was that employees knew they had us and could threaten us with their jobs for more money. Some got a raise and others were sent packing. We kept the best and we managed to cull the herd. It resulted in lost revenue because we didn't have the labor hours to sell but we increased our quality. In the end, it was the right choice.

Now we have a polar opposite of two years ago. We are trying our ass off to keep everyone busy so we don't have to lay anyone off. Some employees see this and appreciate it while others simply don't. It seems like a constant battle between profitability and bill ability. The bosses are watching so we must tow the line.

In a decreased economy such as ours, people are leery and afraid to rock the boat too hard. In times like these, replacements are ready to take your job. So after a day of juggling profits and employees, we go home and wonder what tomorrow will bring. This is no way to live.

So outside of work, you would think that life would be easy. That is not the case. If you watch the news you will hear that obama has a great plan to fix everything. Man that sounds good but as reasonable people, his plan just doesn't make sense. I listen to Rush and he tells me that obama is on the verge of causing the USA to collapse. Who do we believe?

What would happen to our country if everything was free like obama's health care? Someone has to pay for it.

So if I'm not worried about things at work i have to worry about the government giving everything i have away to those who don't want to work for it. Will this ever end?

George W may not have been the best President we ever had but at least under his administration, we didn't have all this gloom and doom. Sometimes i wish it would just go away but we know that it will not.

Every day is a fight. We have to keep our chins up and continue to move forward. When we stop moving forward, we will loose all that we fought for.

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