06 July 2009

Question for you

A couple is happily married and living the dream. They decide they want to have children. They continue working towards that goal without much success. A year or two down the road, the man gets really sick and goes into the hospital.

He has some disease that is causing his kidneys to fail. The doctors scramble and can't figure out what is wrong. Finally the doctors find the problem but his kidneys are too far gone. He requires a kidney transplant but the list is long and the hospital tells them that he probably will not get a kidney and will most likely die in the hospital.

His wife gets tested to see if she can be a donor. All her test come back as a match except she is pregnant. They will not take her kidney if she is pregnant.

Should she have an abortion to save her husband?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely not. She should not decide who dies and who lives. God has already made that decision. And if he is any kind of a man…he would not allow her to. Especially if it was Mrs. Ferrell. Later.

Ambulance Driver said...
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Ambulance Driver said...

No, and it's not even a religiously based objection. (although I'd object on religious grounds)

They have this thing called dialysis that can sustain people for years while awaiting a kidney transplant.

Nine months ain't really all that long to wait.