02 November 2008

I guess i am an asshole

As many people know i am a member at several Internet sites for singles who are dating. I can honestly say that i am not looking to get laid. I really am not that interested in sex right now as i am still in love with my wife. This puts me in a unique position to Jedi Mind Trick a few women. .

In Odessa TX it is too easy to find an intimate overnight relationship. All you have to do is go to the bars and be available. This really scares me. That is why i joined the Internet sites. A few of them are Faith based and in my opinion i meet a better quality person there.

This little story is about a non faith based site. It goes something like this:

Most sites have a feature where you can wink or send an emotigram or something like that to someone to express your interest. I received one of these little flirts and used the site furnished "Not Interested" feature to respond.

This apparently pissed of the sender and she wrote me a scathing Email to let me know that i am an asshole.

Truth be told, everyone who knows me knows that i am an asshole and i do not try to hide it. I call them like i see them and i have been accused of being "brutally honest". This is me. I am who i am.

I decided to respond to "pissed off sender" and the conversation goes something like this:

Thank you BBWLOOKINGFORLOVE for viewing my profile. I am sorry that my response to your flirt fell on such a despondent personality. Not everyone on this site is a chubby chaser. I viewed your profile and you stopped just short of saying that you are a skank whore that is looking to get laid.

Your pictures indicate that a buffet is your kriptonite and maybe you should think about a life style change before judging me on my responses. This is a dating site and people post pictures so that one can view the photographs and determine whether or not one is interested. A person of such a rotund physique as yourself must know that not all men like fat bitches.

I was trying to be nice and let you know like a gentlemen that i am not interested. Since you can not fathom chivalry i will come straight to the point and tell you my intentions. I find you disgusting and i hope you share this with your desperate friends. Women like you give lady's a bad name and most men are not interested in hogging unless on a college bet.

I hope you gain some understanding from this and feel free to share with your obsessed friends so they will not flirt with me. Have a great day and may the force be with you.


Mulligan said...

mind if i use that ?

I've ridden up in my armor many a time to rescue someone who is too 'curvy where it counts' to ride with me on the white horse.

chivalry isn't dead, it's just been driven underground by anti-discrimination legislation.

anyone who displays a personal preference is a bigot, racist, sexist or an ass.

Anonymous said...

Fell free to use it as you see fit.